Been waiting on my ticket.. can’t buy the house in bright wood

I opened a ticket the other day and have not heard back on my issues.

I currently own 2 homes. 1 in windsward and 1 in morningdale.

I am trying to buy a house in bright wood. The 5,000g house specifically. I go up to the house, it gives me an option to buy the house for 5,000g. I purchased the house in which it tells me congratulations on homeownership in bright wood. Then I close the menu. After I close the menu I do not own the home nor does it take away 5,000g from my balance.

Why is this a problem? Please help as this is holding me back from playing the game.

Hello @Peterslum! Hope you’re having a nice day!

Thanks for raising this issue to us, it is really appreciated!

I’m sorry you havn’t had any communication about the ticket you submitted the other day. I will PM you to assist you further on this.

See you in Aeternum!

I’m having this issue too, is there a fix?

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