Before nerfing any more weapons, FIX ARMOR values and mitigations

otherwise you’re simply increasing your workload on junk to fix…
Stop adding new things and fix the old stuff that’s been broken/not optimized.
AGS hear me out on this one.

Every nerf that has been made could have been avoided (to some degree) if armor values and damage mitigation/scaling is re-worked/fixed.

  • Once the armor values/mitigations are fixed- those weapons that were nerfed(aside from 1 or 2 of them) will need to be looked at again for a re-balance. should be common sense regarding fixing with priority.

  • If you’re going to fix something, make sure it doesn’t directly effect your recent changes or you will have to go BACK a few steps to fix something you already spent time on… you don’t climb a ladder from the top down, if you’re trying to go up :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise it’s increasing AGS work load for no reason. The players/gameplay will suffer…

It’s the same type of common sense for adding in new content. The foundation should be priority otherwise when you build on a broken foundation, it will eventually crumble down. or take MUCH longer to go through and fix everything.

example from LoA (legends of Aria): at one point there was a bug that allowed players to double swing while wearing a torch and an active weapon- People abused this bug because str didn’t calculate very well with melee weapons. To fix this correctly and to have the foresight to know what would happen if the bug was fixed without adjusting str- people stopped using melee builds because they removed the double hit/torch bug and didn’t touch how str calculated to melee damage at the same time. which in turn extended their workload… there were several weeks where str didn’t calculate correctly- which meant nobody used str and everyone was a mage build to bypass the melee damage problem. This created an unfair and linier gameplay for the game and was simply bad overall priority management.

AGS, make sure you get priority in check before just adding/removing aspects of the game’s combat/balance.

  • Look at Musket/bow/ranged damage for example… Who really knows how those nerfs effected how things will be when armor values are finally adjusted. The scaling is all off. so how do we know those nerfs were justified. ARMOR first, THEN WEAPONS… otherwise you’ll have to re-work some weapons after the armor values/scaling is fixed. you know what I mean?

  • They buffed musket to compensate damage mitigation on specific armor sets, yet when they fix armor values/scaling to work correctly- who’s to say Musket and bow/raged damage wont deal even more damage? or much less? see where I’m going?


I hear all too often how musket does too much damage vs specific armor types… same with Bow.
Once they fix the hidden scaling of GEARSCORE and armor weight classes- those will need to be looked at again due to it’s damage output. We’re going to see a lot of complaints after that fix I can already see it.

It’s about to be a mess. (and it’s already a mess)
This is what PTR is supposed to be for but I can tell there are deadlines that are more important to meet than actually fixing the game correctly.

  • Passion for making games > Trying to get paid for a messy game to make “more money” than it’s competitors.
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It do be pretty messy out here

Well, there’s a reason why MMOS have different armor restrictions for classes. Like cloth having less physical defense but more magic defense. Or heavy armor lowering your speed, resistances and elemental defense or even differ in Stats…

Even ESO, which NW seems similar to, had perks that were necessary for the class to function like mana recovery, max mana, elemental defense and attack for wearing cloth. And melee bonuses when wearing Plate.

AGS, reinventing the wheel, thought that making armor just differ in dodges would make the game balanced. And that’s how we ended up with undying Healers, Mages on plate armor and Melees with tons of defense and damage and basically no downside other than not being ranged too.

Maybe AGS need to implement some more restrictions. I mean, melees don’t even consume resources when using skills. What up with that?

Like, you gonna tell me that Tearing a hole in Spacetime to create a Rift (gravity Well) does not consume ANY mana or lifeforce? That’s straight up nonsense.

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Mmorpgs are role playing games. That’s mainly why they are different. You’re playing a archetype character and traditionally throughout time wizards didn’t wear plate armor.

Completely agree. I just hit level 60 recently and have been using medium armor in open world PVP and doing well. Now it seems that I have to go Heavy Armor to compete.


Common Sense? No.

Gamer Sense.

They need more coders that are gamers, to fix the gamer sense things.

100% this. This is also a big whoa for me. at least have some form of negative effects for spell users to wear heavier tankier gear. negative spell effectiveness would work great… in Baldur’s Gate, mages weren’t even able to cast spells if they were wearing plate. at least make it to where spells are reduced by a % value PER piece of heavier armor types. heals, damage, CC, so on.


They just need a few sweat necks to be their game developers… People who actively play and know the in’s and out’s. Otherwise they’ll have to simply rely on the average “casual” to listen to when regarding gameplay, which- isn’t good… not bad, but it’s NOT good at all either.

Which in turn gives them more of a workload filtering through the average player who is bias vs someone who just wants balance and functionality to be key first and foremost-before altering key combat mechanics, otherwise it’s just going back to square 1 XD

I watched too many games go down this path just to come up short because they were greedy and wanted money over a solid product. ofc I’m not implying that’s what AGS is doing, just worried yet again :confused:

I’d love for ranged dex, mages, and healers to be in light armor with a few in medium armor, high damage melee builds mostly in medium armor with a few glass cannons in light, and low damage tanks in heavy.

Did people actually get to test the new weapon perks on the test server? I read somewhere that no one had access to them. I don’t know if that’s true. The perks sound pretty game changing and potentially game breaking if done incorrectly.

Personally, I believe this new change in theory would bring more people from light armor to heavier armor types due to damage intake. If light armor users are still getting hit regularly for around 5k, often times more. I’ve done over 8k damage (headshot/bow/fully charged heavy attack after dodge) in just 1 shot- but if people are going to deal more damage/mortal strike type perks, I don’t see it likely that people that are active healers would have any reasons to go light armor, you know? I dunno, seems like if they somehow fix this balance issue with the armor scaling, Damage intake will obviously change, but by how much? then we gotta think, what if this scaling issue get’s fixed and there isn’t a need for this new perk? XD now we have 2 options, adjust it- or remove it-in turn more time wasted if they don’t prioritize.

it’s just where I’m at with New World. I can’t completely trust it yet. it would suck if this armor scaling issue getting a fix meant that tank healers actually weren’t god tier and could be killed duo/solo (but at least a challenge, rather than cheese) lol wouldn’t it be crazy if the scaling got fixed, and the game didn’t need armor value adjustments, or healing adjustments and glass canons had more value than just 1-2-or-3 hits = dead XD

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