Before Releasing New Content...can we get VG perks to actually roll?

Dear AGS,

Before releasing new content, please fix the previous “new” content you released that was never fully released / is bugged.

Void gauntlet perks currently DO NOT roll on any void gauntlet in the open world, nor can they be rolled randomly when crafting.

Void gauntlet perks can only be made by FORCE rolling the perk with the corresponding charm.

If I want Voracious Blade…I need to RNG craft an armor piece with the Steel Void Gauntlet Charm (which are rare) and hope it rolls a useable attribute set.

This should have been the first week.

the 50 STR perk for “5% more dmg on melee light attacks” does not work on Void Gaunt, making mixing gaxe or hammer in there less viable.

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