Beginning ring - 600 how?

seen pictures of it at 600. do we just keep farming until it drops 590+ or what?

Edit: Apparently the drop rate is infinitesimally low. This needs to be re-worked.

Well that ring is just the beginning one.

I honestly don’t know.

mate, he is showing his expertise, he has GS 625 in the ring.

The issue is that the mob must be a lower lvl and therefore does not drop the item in high gs.


in NWDB it is possible to see which mobs can drop it with high GS

Wish I knew. Ive been curious about many items like this. I can be at 620 but still getting majority of drops around 500-550.

Not only that but I’m lucky to get 1 drop (wearing all luck) that’s a 600 legendary but the RNG makes sure it’s

  • Bind on pickup
  • Junk stats

fkn RNG…

Where the hell are all of the 300K drops coming from? I can’t get a decent article of gear to save my life unless I chance making it (never) or it drops (also never). Been here since day one and have nearly 1k hours. How much longer do I have to play to get the same drops I’m seeing the market?

such BS

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Only thing you can do. Use Equipment with a lot of luck. Use luck boosters and do this boring (sorry zerg Mod ist boring) elite Runs in myrk, mines, etc. There you will get them or Expedition.

I have this BIS firestaf from the Garden Expedition in 595

Upgraded to 616 and now legendary from 595 sorry forgotten in post before

it’s depressing

65 alligators don’t exist under siren’s stand, only 64, and forecastle is supposed to drop up to like 577 and named 600s

I got a purple coral lash at 600 many months ago from siren’s fist

I highly doubt luck has anything to do with how high the gs is on a item. I remember a healer friend was farming 75hrs (active 75hrs) and he got the ring multiple times but only once at 590


bro just let us use umbral shards on these drops PLEASE

Ok. I´m a crafting guy. I thought you can craft a good item but this ring…and other rings are just luck not as some good leg. items you can craft if you have the items and lvl. 200

I would try us much luck as possible but…yeah hard to get with good GS

i’ll update with luck % then in a day or two

My luck is maxed with the exception of 1 trophy that is T2. Using the rabbits foot from the recent event… still same crappola.

A single 600 BiS gear dropping is almost zero. Apparently… If you want it bad enough, they’re for sale for 300K+

why would anyone stick around for this? This is just pure stupidity

i’m just tryna cop it at 590+

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A number of my better items from Laz and Gen dropped as 590+ GS.

Upgrading them with shards for me was simply easier and quicker than endlessly running those expeditions.

There are rewards though for looping through them aside from another chance to get the item in legendary form. Coin and gypsum being the main ones.

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completely forgot about this guy

but nwdb doesn’t confirm that he drops it. Might just farm him to find out

The only reason that I accept the devs claim that it really is RNG is my experience. My first run in Laz the tank mentioned they’d run Laz 40+ times to get the Smooth Bone Ring.

It dropped for me and it dropped as a legendary.

It seems completely unbalanced, but I do think RNG is how things are run behind the scenes.

What makes me wonder is that no computer can actually create a pure set of random numbers like one would find in nature.

This means that the algorithms for RNG in any game are purely human attempts at making the computer perform in a way that it cannot.

If these algorithms are purely human creations and there is no true randomness, then can’t the algorithm be tweaked? Is there really no way to maintain a level of randomness that doesn’t perform so harshly?


You cant get a 600 drop afaik except from extremely rare chance on mobs below level 66.

The chance at sirens is so low that its not worth farming. Ive never seen or heard of anyone i know getting a 600 item from sirens.