Being able to customize your hotkeys and UI is a key part of MMOs, where the heck is the feature in New World?

Only having 4 hotkeys on your bar in a MMO is such a weird choice. Its yet another obvious sign that the devs dont play their own game at all. As a DPS I want both HP pots, regen pot, haste pot, cleanse pot, oakfesh and gemstone on my bar, yet I have to choose only 4. For healers and mana users in general this choice becomes even more frustrating. Not to mention healers having to look at the top left of their screen where litearlly nothing happens, because thats where the player healthbars are.

Why can we not have more hotkeys, and why cant we choose ourself where we want stuff on our UI to be? Its such a weird problem to have in a MMO and can be so easily fixed…

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same as the lack luster character creation screen .


It might be worth mentioning that many of the devs are seen participating in 3v3 on servers. It’s mentioned quite a bit in the forums. They definitely play, but i think their idea of QoL is a bit different than mainstream. Or there are limitations that maybe we are not aware of i’m not sure .-.

Ive seen them play on the videos they post and I cant exactly say they look like they are very experienced with their own game.

I think with anything, some are probably goated and others probably are less good like Arcadia :smiley:

Hi there Loff, thanks for taking the time to come to the forums with your feedback, I’ve seen other players ask for this as well so I will record your post and send it up the chain. Take care!