Benjamin has proven he can fix any problem!

With almost all the downtime being for stability issues and nothing for fundamental game play, it really makes me wonder why amazon hasn’t thrown Benjamin at the problem.

Clearly they keep putting things into the cash shop for us to buy, but for that business model to work, you need the following:

  1. Functional game play
  2. Stable game & servers
  3. Content cadence

Then players will perceive a greater longevity to the game and become more inclined to invest with their time and also emotionally (Seeing themselves being able to spend time with their friends in this environment for some time to come).
This is where you then hit them with the cash shop skins (make the skins able to be dyed as that will make them more appealing & you’ll sell more dyes from the cash shop too).

TLDR; You got to spend the Benjamins to make the Benjamins.


We have just read Hillbilly’s Guide to Economics.


But am I wrong though?

This shows I have played this game to much. When I first read the title I found myself wondering what the post was gonna say about how Boatswain Benjamin was gonna fix all the issues. My imagination started going wild and just had to come see…kinda disappointed now lol


Yes very much so

If there was no demand for cosmetics they would slow down

3 hours for 3 fixes, amazing.


I’m sure they sell some, no doubt.
But I cant be the only one who is sitting on the fence about buying cosmetics cause if the game doesn’t get fixed then I’m just going to move on and it would be a waste of money.

I mean, its not rocket science.


Not some ,just look at players in every single town

On my server every other player has bought something.

Fix one is only to reduce the time skips not fix them.

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I have almost 700 hrs ingame and I can’t remember fighting this dude once at all xD

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Cant even fix all three in the time given.
They really need to hire more competent staff.
Not belittling their current staff, but it just feels like they got one person trying to do everything.


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but they could get even more sales.

They are going to crash and burn if they don’t make the game work. Their cosmetics are literally the worst in the entire mmorpg industry… sure some people buy them, because there is nothing else to buy and they are stuck with whatever armor they happen to be wearing otherwise…

I forget what exactly what it was for but I wanna say it was one of the 480 armor pieces. I just read his name ALOT because everyone always asks for help when they go and try to solo him lol

Are you new to new World?

3 hours to fix 3 things makes it appear so :slight_smile:
It’s usually 3 hours to fix 3 things we openly declare…the rest of the shit is all hush hush. These guys do ninja work that is applied during patch days, without disclosing until they are caught on it a few days later. It happens every week

I played even after level 60 with only crap gear for a while :joy: it’s either the best or nothing haha

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Anything but the best is just a compromise.

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OMFG what are they ninja nerfing this time?

Can’t blame devs …if demand is there …

Blame players ,read threads here …“We wants mounts”…“we wants overrides”,we wants weapon skins" …we we we we.

Without that demand there would be no cosmetics in games …and for that i blame WoW and Sims.

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