Best crafted gear?


Okay, so I answered myself, but what if Voidbent isn’t BiS? Sure, for certain builds like tanks, reducing crit could be really good… But besides the Luck I’m not entirely sold on the set? It does seem as though most people are going for it?

How high can you get your gear crafted excluding voidbent? How much extra effort do you have to go through to get good GS 600 non-voidbent gear crafted? Talking food, trophies, earrings.

For certain builds, you might really want to lock in a weapon perk since those could play a major role into builds.

A big reason why I ask this, is because I think the Genesis replicas look AMAZING… But it’s no GS 600

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I’m looking forward to discovering what’s possible at end game, only up to star metal currently but I’ve noticed optionally using a higher level reagent than what’s required increases the minimum/maximum GS

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