Best generic stackable DPS perk

I do not have the time or gold to make 18 different sets of armor and I am always trying different builds.

What is the best stackable general armor perks for DPS.


Thanks in advance!

good question…

PvE - personally i like life steal perks for both solo to sustain and in groups to help take pressure off my healer. iirc non of the other perks like freedom and aversions are working or not stacking but in general probably not bad to have at least physical as most pve is physical most of the time. that and freedom.

PvP - resilience probably.

trinkets - health/stamina/refresh toast/keen awareness is usually the big ones.

edit: frick per below refreshing. i forgot about those.

  • Keen on Weapon
  • Cool down (Refreshing or Refreshing Evasion)
  • Key Perk

Majority Con Armor

Eventually when you do expeditions/mutations you’ll get all the legendary weapons, some BiS or semi-BiS.

Then it’ll be about swapping jewerly around and maybe one or two pieces of gear.

The issue with this is that some weapons require specific perks to be optimal while others don’t much.

Either way with the right stats and at least a top pick Lego weapon you’ll be above the curve.

Later as you farm Umbral shards, it will be very grindy to have more than 2 sets, at least till your farming M8s consistently.

Refreshing or refreshing evasion.

There aren’t many offensive perks to choose from,

What set up are you looking for? As in weapon set up?
I will give my opinion based off of what Build you are looking to make.

Thanks guys. I actually enjoy NW community.
Some additional details.

Running GH and hatchet for Gen with ruby.
Running spear/ musket for dynasty with sapphire.
Running WH with topaz Laz.

Open world and pvp I prefer musket/spear or musket rapier.

Use a war hammer with trenchant recovery - thank me later.

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this one is gooooood (though i dont know if its been nerfed to one target heals. (so hitting multiple enemies only give you one enemies worth of damage back as the heal))

Think it was stealth nerfed on PTR to only heal for 1 hit per swing.

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Is there a go to generic gem (guessing onyx) for armor?

Truthfully armor and weapons get insane.

-weavers set.
-wood worker set.
-leather worker set.
-harvester set.
-minning set.
-lumber jack set.
-skinning set.
-heavy set
-medium set
-light set

Weapons GH, hammer, hatchet ,spear,VG,rapier, musket.

It really is a storage nightmare.

i think for pvp it was onyx.

pve is probably still onyx besides mutations.

PVP armor from mage perspective mainly ice + rapier + fire.

1.Cheap setup.

Armor - resilient.
Ring - keen awareness.
Earring - regenerating.
Amulet - health.
Weapons - vicious.

2.Medium setup.

Armor - resilient + refreshing/refreshing evasion/refreshing ward
Ring - keen awareness + refreshing…
Earring - regenerating + refreshing…
Amulet - health + refreshing…
Weapons - vicious + refreshing move

3.End gear setup (my goal that will never come true)

Armor - resilient + refreshing + Weapon perks(or physical aversion)
Ring - keen awareness + refreshing + leeching
Earring - regenerating + refreshing + purifying toast
Amulet - health + refreshing + divine
Weapons - vicious + refreshing move + keen

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PvP - refreshing, resilient
PvE - everything else :blush:

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