Best Idea ever for open world PvP and umbral shards. Both PvE and PvP players will like it

Add an area called the umbral mountains top right on the map ( you might change the location)

  • In this area you can gather umbral shards from umbral shards veins (mining)
  • Entering the umbral mountains enables PvP automatically
  • Bots will never be a problem because players can just kill them if they are gathering in this area
  • Shards that are gathered in this area are the same ones as we can get in a dungeon or from gypsum casts
  • The shards can be traded from player to player or in the market place
  • Dont even think about gating or limiting players somehow by only allowing them to gather x amounts or shards per day. I think you should have learned now what happens if you timegate or limit players in the game.
  • Dont add to much details or vegetation in this area. We want it lag free and high FPS.
  • Dont add any PvE monsters there that just frustrate everyone while gathering or while taking a fight against another player
  • Add stormy weather with blizzards so the area feels dangerous
  • Dont make the area look to red because gathering there would would just hurt everyones eyes like some zones in tempest dungeon back in the days haha
  • No buffs are working when gathering the umbral shards. No yield or luck affects the gathering result
  • Amount of umbral shards that can be gathered from one vein should be:
    From a small vein: 5
    From a medium vein: 7
    From a big vein: 9

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Oh and by the way please rework musket or remove its hitscan.
Thx for your time.



Please tell me why a pve player forced to flag pvp would like this, with no pve content in this proposal ?


Gathering is PvE content and selling it on the market can make you a lot of money.
You can become the one and only Umbral Trader of all Aeternum brother!!!
The greatest dealer for umbrals!!

Nobody forces you to go on that zone, such as nobody forces me to do mutations.


I like the idea of a PvP only zone, but not in this manner, I’d much prefer a PvP only zone that is similiar to other zones but you get more resources from everything you farm and potentially more luck as well? Maybe they could even make it so you drop half or all of the loot you farmed (just the resources not gear or anything obviously) if you die to PvP before banking it. I think this would be much more engaging, and would also give PvE players an incentive to go there. You would be surprised how many PvE players engage with systems like this with no intention of actually PvPing, as long as its worth their time.


I think that would be a little to much since toxic PvE players would go crazy.

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“Both PVE and PVP players will like it”
“Entering the umbral mountains enables PvP automatically”

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Whats the problem? PvE players sometimes turn on PvP mode to have more luck when gathering. Those who dont like the idea just can grind mutations to get umbral shards.

it could be a good idea but it should be something diffrent then Umbreal shards, maybe something you can convert to umbral shard. And if this tradable maybe PvE player could enjoy it.
And lets say you can mine it in PvE flagged and get 5 for one ore and in PvP Flagged Like 10 rn.

Maybe some special mobs where other ppl could entcounter and gank etc etc etc

PvE Players don’t like it :slight_smile:


unlucky ;( lets have 6 months or more without any pvp or open world content then and go back to 10-15k players like some months ago.

This is like the worst idea ever. What will you do to prevent big companies to monopolize that territory and all its shards?


Thats the point my friend. There will be PvP fights and open world pvp will become a thing again.

The players that will turn on PvP mode to hunt gatherers

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I don’t think you get it mate. The strongest company will simply get EVERYTHING, no chance for everyone else. They will control how, when and how much you pay. Again, worst idea.


you have an equal chance to kill them or organise a team to fight them.

there is no strongest company in open world pvp. you cant organise your people 24/7 to be the strongest at one location and guard it 24/7. Thats not an instanced war and you can build different tacticts to fight each other.

I would have a go at those pvp players if it meant i could speed up the gear lvling process, not sure about the name… Whisper Wood or something might be better :slight_smile:

Just make it a auto non group area? All loot only goes to the person who hits first, and umbral shards are non tradeable