Best in slot Rapier

I know there was a post similar to my question but the info is pretty outdated.
imo there are 3 BIS Rapier u can get base on if u have the weapon perks on ur armor or using riposte or using evade.
The Officer Ceremony will be BIS if u have the weapon perks on your armor already. Whether or not u using evade or riposte.
The Final Respite is pretty much the BIS for early stage of the game if u don’t have slot for weapon perk on ur armor and u are using riposte.
Last but not least the omnidirectional evade… for this is complicate. Named item there are many which base on ur build. But here are few u can select from. Icicle, Slice n’ Dice, Entrée. Reason no Sacred Woodsabre is because generally u don’t want refreshing on ur weapon, but I personally use this because it is the easiest one to obtain.
I think the weightless sabre is not obtainable on fresh start server so I’ll just skip it.
As for later on if I even care to spend 100k gold to gamble for rapier and get nothing out of it. (I personally think that is a waste of gold because the difference is actually not that huge)
Then maybe ice attunement + Vicious + whatever good 3rd perk? Some might prefer Rogue but because there is penetrating backstabb which require u be engineer crafter. I’ll not touch that route.
Just a general thought because ppl play rapier differently. But as ig/rapier user I want an int rapier with perks I mentioned. What is your personal prefer perks on your rapier?

Here is a picture of Officer Ceremony

I am not an expert by any means, but if you are looking to nickel-and-dime I would recommend Attunement, Omnidirectional Evade, and Keenly Jagged.

Get a Runeglass DoT Gem and you will synergize the Attunement hit, your actual hit, and the two DoTs to grant you 12 stamina from the Controlled Breathing passive. As the Keenly Jagged and Runeglass DoTs tick, you will get 6 stamina total per second so long as you have your Rapier out, so you can dictate the tempo of fights with the passive stam you get along with Evade procs.

I have not found this perk combo on a Rapier yet, but FnF and Evade in themselves give you a lot of duelist play and means by which to handle bruisers and to deal with healers during casts.

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Interesting, very interesting. The runeglass gem u talking about can be something like this for me. I will lock frost attunement and keenly jagged if I ever want to craft.

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That I can dig. Just a reminder, the Ultimate Frost debuff from the Ice Gauntlet has been restricted to just the IG benefitting, so if those Ice Gems are too expensive, you have other options without coming at the cost of your efficacy :slight_smile:. But, if you got enough mullah, then def buff up your Ice Damage output across the board.

Big big fan of keen trenchant crits and sundering riposte

Got this off the TP for 2.5k on Fresh start

It’s the all new BiS Rapier

How is it BiS?
AGS nerfed the rapier in terms of mobility (evade doesnt give haste and stamina until you actually iframe something with it.
Fleche distance was reduced a few patches ago
Riposte got gutted in a sense that it doesn’t even give you “iframes” when it should
Proof as seen here: (no he did not dodge the riposte, he just straight up skyward slashed through it and did damage during the animation anyway)
New World - Current state of the Rapier #shorts - YouTube

Having keen awareness on ring + keen on the weapon allows you to literally almost crit every single time as a dex user which procs keen speed even on the most DIRE situations where a greatsword enjoyer contests you. The playstyle is the same, you play aggressive but you make it your goal to also hit your aggressor at all costs in order to apply the melee snare on them as they have done to you (on the occasion that they do hit you) this gives you a chance to properly space yourself when facing the enemy.

Simply evade / riposting or fleche-ing away is not going to save you anymore due to the light armor distance nerfs when hit by any melee weapon.

if you don’t play well with the rapier you’ll end up dying most of the time.

Just crafted a bunch myself on legacy for an IG/rapier build.

I locked rogue/frost attunement and got keen sadly. What I would like is frost attunement/rogue/vicious. Otherwise suffering riposte.

My build is going to focus fully on ice dmg. I too went with an int rapier!

My thought process is to focus on stun and heavy back stabs

for my build im stuck if i want keenly empowered. since i use it to burst down, that wouldbe really good damage.

so omni/enchanted/ keenly empowered. Or omni/enchanted/attunement.

jagged is good but, its a 7 second for ~900 damage and its on CD. so its not worth IMO what rapier is designed for. Rather have burst potent. but im also a musket, so ill have keenly jagged on my musket.

Is there a bug right now that you roll guaranteed legendary when you roll with scarabs?

Just stop with the BIS nonsense please.

Different playstyles require different perks.

Had someone the other day asking why his rapier couldn’t compete against mine. I would’ve loved to tell him exactly what you said but there’s a reason why METAs are created and certain gear setups are called BiS :rofl:

Nobody is forcing you to use it but if you end up lacking, that’s just on you.

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So you are winning just because of your meta Rapier?

I don’t think so.

Perks on the weapon can define whether you have a better chance to “win” or you don’t against an equally skilled opponent lmao. If you don’t know this, then you actually don’t even PvP competitively.

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Mine would be:

Trenchant Rend
Sundering Riposte

Makes landing a riposte basically a death sentence :smile:


New World has competitive PvP? Don’t deldude yourself please.

Playstyle and situationality > your BIS.

Each time I read it (“BIS”), I think that it is nonense. You will not find 10 people in a room who agree on what BIS is. Also you will not find an identically geared out player with identical skill and playstyle where just one item differs.


After 4 failures all I can say is nope, not bugged. Still just as unlucky as always. Saddest part of the market in my server is I threw one up with same perks for 22k and nada

I love making different builds that challenge the normal metas. My current is spear/ls with a dex/focus split.

Everyone is convinced I’m an idiot. Right up until I 1v2/1v3 and out dmg my arena teammates while simultaneously keeping them alive.

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Rapier has quite a lot of viable combinations depending on what your end goal is. Therefore searching for that “BIS” is a fools errand imo. Take what fits you instead. Officers Ceremony seems to be enough in most cases.

BIS for myself however… I would probably go for omni/keen emp/rogue