Best part of patch, but they won't tell you!

Adding the giant level 66 turkey is so damn cool!

Why on earth would you not add this turkey event in the patch notes?

You need positive PR, but if all you do is tell us about what punishments/nerfs you give us, people only get angry!


Because the positivity of people being surprised by a giant turkey is more fun then telling people that there is a giant turkey


Just like bug fixing, producing a roadmap, customer service, balancing, and content development; AGS is also horribly bad at proper communication. Half of them probably didn’t even know.

I would agree with you if the public relations was in a good spot.

That being said, they could increase the public opinion by creating a super cool new event, that has rewards and new items, even possibly a silly turkey hat or something.

I disagree, event stuff shouldn’t be out right said, maybe hinted at. Leave stuff for the player to be surprised by otherwise there would be no fun.

But yes a roadmap would be nice and better communication would be nice also.

Someone in global said there was a giant level 66 elite turkey in Windsward shooting lasers at him, dropping egg bombs, and busting down trees while it ran. I didn’t believe it until I saw it in my Reddit feed. :joy:

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I agree, a subtle hint could be a really cool way to tell people about this.

However, my point is that the player base really needs to be thrown a bone after constant harsh nerfs. Specifically this even could be openly published to put a smile on people faces and give them an itch to log back on.

Its amazing! Atleast we can spread awareness for people that can’t log in yet

My dumbass didn’t go to check it out. It was dead when I got there.

They didn’t want to admit that the random events for 1.1.0 that didn’t work was the turkey


This makes partial sense to me because a turkey in a December patch sounds like late content.

Nonetheless, I welcome the addition of world bosses!

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I will admit the event is cool, but if all of you are won over with an event when most the bugs addressed in the patch still are not fixed is beyond me. Sure let’s just put in a surprise event with a Giant turkey. We are children and are easily bribed/distracted from what should matter.

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Probably because it was meant to be an event for last week but they flubbed that while patch so it’s just now in the game… Well past turkey day

The turkey is out to AVENGE for turkey day… not because of it…


An enjoyable distraction goes a long way for self gatification while they continue to patch and fix thing.

I’m not saying I’m won over. I’m saying they hide all the enjoyable things, only tell you what they take from you.

Its basic psychology that we will shoot the messenger.

It could be a separate “News” post something fun and creative like the Twitter stories they uploaded “Nightmare of Aeternum”

Haha! I really like this one!

I’m ok with something like a giant turkey being a surprise that we just stumble on. I’m not ok having constant ill thought out nerfs shoved up my ass with no explanation or even good reason.

Lol you have so much hate in the game that you hate even the giant turkey

Anyone hating on the turkey? I’ve only seen positive responses.

LOL. The communication is so poor that they couldn’t even bother with hinting in a creative way.

“The recent slaughter of certain wildlife has given rise to an Azoth-infused monster bent on revenge. Adventurers beware!”

How hard is that? We got a whole damn paragraph on why the devs hate crafters.

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