Best PVP game you've ever played?

chivalry medieval warfare, I loved that game. But in mmo’s Warsong Gulch and Cyrodiil for different reasons. But also Storming Orgrimmar with hundreds of other guildies. But the lag back then…

Best Open world PvP: Everquest . It was not driven by honor points, pvp points, or pvp item reward venders. It had none of that. It was driven by PVE loot. Dungeons in EQ were not instanced, and boss npcs with loot had place holders. Dungeons were also non-linear. Meaning there were twists, turns, different routes and directions with traps and secret passages. To get to a boss meant you had to delve into the dungeon, clear the room he spawns in and keep his place holder down hoping it spawned. That was just the pve part. The pvp part comes when someone wants to take that precious camp and loot from you. Ive seen pvp battles that waged for days between 2-3 players for a specific loot camp in Everquest. In some cases the NPC they were farming had a 4-7 day respawn time. So PvP for those type of boss npc’s were pretty intense. Some servers even had Item loot along with coin loot. Could loot 1 piece of “No drop” gear (stuff that was not BoE, in EQ there were items with no BOP/BOE tag that could be traded. Games dont do this anymore). A fungi tunic with a RL value of around 200 dollars could be looted off a player for example.

Best Overall PvP mechanics: DAoC. By a longshot. Game was designed and made around PvP so it was naturally awesome in that department. The game mechanics are different from most mmo’s but once you learn them you love it and look at it as the best pvp mechanic experience you can get.

Honorable mentions: AION (really cool open world pvp mechanic with portals and kisks), Eve Online (amazing pvp community) , and Archeage (trade runs and fishing modules being able to be stolen in pvp made this game awesome, to bad the cash shop overshadowed everything awesome about it).


War Hammer Online


Age Of Conan.

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Return of Reckoning by far - free and upgraded resurrection of Warhammer Online



Air hockey is a close second though.

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Currently we have 3 factions and most PvP takes place in separate zones.

How much humour did you use? The devil lies in other details.

Kakao can’t be any worse than Gamigo. At the very least Kakao actually owns controlling stake in XLGames, the developer of Archeage. If the game was ever going to do good in a NA & EU / Western release, it would be now.

Kakao could want to win people over for Archeage 2 and not screw it up too much more than the previous publishers already have… Already going to be pretty big for the game to be constantly on the KR version instead of ~6 months behind as it has been the last couple years.

That’s a solid member of my top 5 list. I had a blast there on my little gobbo Squig Herder! Until, that is, they killed the game. Although to many of us the “Uh oh” moment came when EA bought Mythic in mid-development.


Best PvP… Battlefield 1… love that game and still play it…
But in MMORPG terms, Warhammer Online…

Darkfall, the highest skill cap pvp game i ever played. Full loot, player built cities, open world sieges. Real and meaningful clan politics. Unmatched.


Well, to my knowledge ArcheAge was F2P with a shop before. Kakao intends to have a purchase fee, a subscription fee, and still the cash shop on top of it all.

Seems legendarily bad.

UO was fun, real feeling of good vs evil in player battles.
Shadowbane had great politics and the player town as part of pvp was a great improvement.
BDO had some intense war fun.
I liked the DAOC FFA PvP servers but I didn’t like the game balance, it had some interesting things, but, UO already had FFA PvP with better balance as did AC on the PvP server.

Everything since has tried to appeal to everyone by not doing anything well. Many aspects of the games conflicted with other aspects.

Waiting for an MMO to combine the best aspects while not making the same mistakes. Has yet to happen.

As for MMORPG games player vs player… I still have a strong love for “World of Warcraft” player vs player battlegrounds and content. Second place would be “Guild Wars 2” World vs World player vs player… Third would be “Star Wars The Old Republic” Starfighter player vs player and battlegrounds. Lastly is Warhammer online… that player vs player content was great…

Shooter games… Goldeneye 64, C&C Renegade, Mech Warrior series, Perfect Dark, Halo series, Planetside 2, Heroes and Generals, Dirty Bomb, Mount and Blade series, Chivalry series, War of the Roses, For Honor, and Mordhou.

There are so many good player vs player games out there.

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DAoC. It had 1 vs 1, smallscale, competitive 8 vs 8, zerg/keep/tower fights. And it had PvE that was needed to build good PvP templates. RR11 Sorc on Excalibur/Prydwen.

EVE Online. I was on top of the world there with the Space Invaders and Corp 1.



Most PvP fun for me Ranked:

#1 - GW2: Several Thousands of hours of just PvP. Only game I tried out ALL Classes and builds.

#2 - Aion: Over a thousand hours in PvP. Most rewarding pvp ever with prestigious Ranks that most times backed your abilities.

#3 - Silkroad: Over a thousand hours in PvP. Has amazing triangular conflict of Trader-Hunter-Thief. Memorable decades later.

#4 - Archage. Good conflict and pvp mechanics.

#5 - Black desert. fast-paced. Pvp requires many hours of training and research to be decent…

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There you go, I find nobody flags up and the mods will ban you for the tiniest issue.

There are two versions; Archeage Unchained and Archeage Legacy. AAU was buy to play, no sub / “patron”, less P2W cash shop than Legacy, whereas Legacy was free to play with the optional paid sub for boosted labor generation.

Since Kakao is taking over the publishing now, Legacy will remain the same but Unchained is switching to non-optional paid sub required while keeping P2W cash shop out. Which is suppose to be only costumes, as Gamigo originally promised as well before redefining what P2W means… so hopefully better than Gamigo’s attempt.

As an Unchained player, it sucks but they’re giving 180 days free to people who had bought the game + previous “DLC”. That and most people were already paying the $10/month in the form of an archepass (battle pass essentially) premium upgrade… which is being removed as a paid thing and switched to given for free. The game is/was arguably actually dead; it’s best to assume it shut down entirely and Kakao is resurrecting it. Time will tell.

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