Best Queue Simulator Ever

This is by far the best que simulator I have ever played. In a matter of seconds I created my character to sit at 1,800 in the que. It took 30 minutes to get to 300. As I started to get excited about what was to come, a connection error popped up sending me back to the character screen. After nearly five minutes with a spinning circle on the play button I’m finally back in the que simulator at 10,400+, I was worried as it was taking so long to get back into the Que. 5 stars on this que simulator, 0 stars on actually being able to play.


I actually made it to level 14 on Queue simulator… at least that what I figured since I got into the game about that many times and kicked back into the queue simulator… here I thought I was progressing through the queue levels… apparently they caught on to my progress though and nuked the entire server. RIP Fae


I got a 9,700 quea and this is not even prime time, wait til mid day, there will be millions more players and a 200,000 quea.
MY friend has a 30,000 quea and i am at 9700, i am pissed. i will have to wait probably 10 hours to play and my friend probably the whole dang day.


you just wait until the middle of the day, your going to be seeing those quea numbers at 200,000+

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Server status is showing Morrow wait is up to 53 hours. Great going Amazon! The good thing about this it gives me time to work on so many other things between now and Friday when I will be able to play. Barring another disconnect. Money well spent!

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i went on the least populated server and there is a 0 wait time in the quea, your better off going on a medium populated server

I’m considering it but the gaming group I’m a part of chose Morrow. We didn’t know ahead of time it was going to be this packed.

just do yourself a favor and discuss with your group going to a less populated server, i went to a less populated server and it had a 0 wait time and medium population. this is your best bet to being able to play right now, it’s a smart move.

I’ve already told my group I’m moving to a new server for awhile, I’m going to wait for West Coast to open.

I totally agree with the OP

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The queue is the only reason I’m here.

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This is probably the biggest fuck up right now in the game.

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