Best way to farm Faction Tokens?


returning player here, the faction quests kinda changed since my last login and Im
wondering where is the best spot to farm these tokens now days.


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PvP missions and OPR make it go pretty fast

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Which region is fastest for PvP missions?

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Run expeditions and refresh till you have multiple missions. First few missions each day give massive token bonuses now. The issions are essentially self sustainable to buy daily orbs.

That would vary depending on others doing it and if you are looking to fight or just duck and cover when someone comes. They seem sorta balanced with longer distances giving a better reward.

Just try to do your 3 daily bonus faction missions. You get *5 the amount of tokens for each quest. Some quests give 7-9 thousands. I do mine in shattered mountain, east 20-25k tokens in 5 minutes.

It depends on your level which regions.

I personally prefer Ebonscale, but that’s because I like the map. While levelling, I ran Restless Shore countless times, because I enjoyed that map, and also I was able to reap a ton of resources, since I was also crafting.

I don’t recommend crafting. It has been rendered almost entirely useless, and definitely not worth the investment in time, effort, or resources.

iirc you get more from the first 3 pvp missions in reakwater

  1. something K per. i think one of them was only 7k though

etherway thats the highest iv seen so far. otherwise if you triple stack some dungeon ones like i think laz and tempest it goes by fast too.

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first 3 PVP missions per day in reekwater will get your about 27k in tokens.


I think it’s great they’ve increased the amount, doing many faction quests was pretty boring.

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Still boring but more rewarded indeed

Brightwood PVE faction quests are the highest tokens per hour. Get 1 bag with the Loyalty perk (When you gain faction tokens gain x% more); this perk does not currently stack. Look up videos on the topic done by 5 Head Survival Gaming.

I would also submit in game feedback complaining that the Loyalty perk should either stack and is currently a bug; or it should be documented that it is the intended behavior.

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