Best way to fix the Economy

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This game is built in a way where you can solo and craft and do everything by yourself. Gold is only for the trade post and crafting and declaring for war. Since there is no in game store maybe the best bet is to take gold and the trading out of the game. I think the game would run well as a solo progression system where you only need other players to do end game content like pvp and pve. As far as crafting and farming mats, just nerf the cost into the ground. Better yet you can just take crafting out because all the best items drop in the expeditions and open world content.

The game is completely broken… Crafting servers no purpose besides slot machine simulator. Its so addicting that people will buy and support the gold buying market. Also the fact that big companies who own territories can sell it on the black market or use it to boost up their members creates a gap between the player base. Removing it from the game might be the best choice a hard one but possibly better then dealing with dups.

After a dedicating a year and couple hundred dollars on skins this just might be the camel that breaks this little straws back lol. Honestly it just makes me sad… I wanted this to be the next WoW so bad…

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