Best weapons right now

What do you think are the best combination of weapons for the hatchet? I use the second bow but I was thinking of putting fire staff, I don’t know how you see it
And what do you think would be the best weapons right now?

Hatchet spear, 100 cost, really fun to play

For dexterity : spear
For strength : arguably blunderbuss. Since i didn’t do much testing myself can’t say for sure

Fear and Surprise

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If Hatchet is your Main weapon, your secondary weapon should be something that you feel lacking on Hatchet.

As Hatchet is DEX/STR, maybe you want some AoE capability, therefore going for Greataxe, Blunderbuss or Bow.

Want more CC with Option to regain some health, go for Warhammer or Greataxe.

Want more Defensive Options, you could use Rapier.

More Single Target damage? Spear can easily up your damage for 30% with Rend and provide some CC.

You’ll see its all about what you want to accomplish or feel lacking of.

The easiest ones are those which use the same Attribute as the Hatchet. INT or FOC needs more Investments as there are gems to convert part of your Hatchet damage to scale with INT/FOC but there are no gems to convert INT or FOC to scale via DEX/STR.

The only correct answer.

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