Better Communication is Needed

Last night while playing on Carabas the servers went down without warning and thousands of players including myself were unable to login. After about an hour there was talk of an issue with Excavations being the root cause of the server restart and the subsequent maintenance period. I realize this wasn’t a scheduled maintenance however the people on the server need to be given a warning so they understand that the game will be unavailable. In many other games there is a chat warning stating that the server will be going down for maintenance or the server will be restarting.

Providing this kind of communication to the players allows us to prepare for downtime and logoff the server instead of having to ask questions and bogging down the forums with post after post asking for answers. I can honestly say most of us who are MMO veterans sympathize with a new game launch and issues with bugs or server problems can and will happen. As a developer team there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it but fix the problems asap and move on. The one thing you can do is communicate with the players more efficiently.

Provide a warning even if it’s a last second omg we have to restart the servers right now issue. Use your social media accounts and forums to post these types of problems and apologize to your player base. In the case of having a server down for 2-3 hours like last night maybe offer compensation to the players or at least apologize, anything to let people know that their time is valuable and that you care.

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