Better low graphics for hamster powered PCs

Title says it all really. I’m not saying get rid of anything that’s used for stealth like say, the brush on the ground ect. But the game looks fantastic even on low graphics, it’s a problem. I run 60 frames unless i’m in a town or there are 20+ people fighting which drops me to 30 frames. I just don’t think all the things that bog down the performance are needed and a proper “potato mode” would be great.

  • Low textures? They still look great, it could be flat color for all I care.
  • Shadows? They still look great, can we just remove shadows entirely as an option?
  • Effects? These could be way more simplified than “low” offers. In fact I set them to high and can’t even tell the difference
  • Water? Can barely tell the difference if any at all
  • we could use player detail reduction mostly, all this shiny armor and weapon effects don’t need to be so beautiful

Overall, the potato version of this game does not look potato enough. I get a lot of yall have nice computers and probably can’t comprehend these problems, but GPUs are expensive as hell and I have more important things to spend money on, this is a request after all not a demand.

While I may agree in most of these, I definitely agree to the weapon SFX as a bow player. I work best when I can headshot from a distance. It’s hard as hell to do that when I can’t see through the SFX of melee players.

I’m sure this goes for musket too.

might i suggest you upgrade to a gerbil?

My issue isn’t even due to lag. It’s that I can’t turn off SFX to see more clearly at distance.

yeah i know, i was just trying to put some humour in… i have a higher end system and i’m having graphical issues since the last update, as well as others.

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I apologize then. I appreciate the humor, nonetheless.

Are gerbils faster? Who would have thought :o

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