Better options for handling wars

alright guys I think its fair to say that depending on your server you all have different experiences with war but I’m just coming out and saying the issue were having on our server, the main issue is how easy it is to defend, and i agree with a lot of people it should be… but why does it make sense that the defenders can pick the time of the attack? am i wrong or doesn’t it make sense that if the attackers wanna run it at 3am that should be an option, think about it the attackers are attacking the defenders aren’t gonna scream out from behind their walls “OKAY GUYS YOU CAN ATTACK NOW” it just doesn’t make sense, on top of the defenders picking the time one group from a certain faction can carry they’re whole faction, another huge issue with war, maybe a daily war cooldown sooo more people have a chance to fight in war? I’m not saying i have the fix here just curios on what other people think.

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