Better PvE please - more instanced SOLO content

Watching a stream today to collect the Twitch freebies during the PvP release.
Of course they are not doing PvP arenas but spamming elite zones.

Literally the stream is one person following a horde of maybe 20+ players running through an elite zone collecting chests.
They aren’t even bothering to stop to kill anything. Someone ahead of this lemming march is kiting the mobs away.
How is this challenging? How is this “fun”? It’s mindless loot collection.

Every MMO for over 10 years has shown that overland is too easily overcome by bringing too many people. Just look at ESO – when people need to kill dragons for an event, a couple dozen show up and the big bad monster melts in seconds. It’s not fun at all and obviously not challenging.
There are too many players who just want to “get it done” and don’t care about fun or challenge. They are not just ruining the intention of the zone but they are ruining it for everyone else.

This is why SOLO players want more SOLO content. To have fun being at least challenged. And to get the loot and neither being overwhelmed by difficulty nor having to compete with some horde of zerglings in the same area.

The best option at this point is to make all Expeditions have a level-appropriate solo mode.


Yes plz! Let’s go kick some Elden Ring ass!
Game is slowly starting to feel better and better overall.

Solo content is very needed indeed. Even if its facing pvp AI for some rewards or climbing some ranks in an instance, trying out your new dungeon gear would make at least my experience way better. People need more stuff to chose from. But ofc we understand this game is in its very early release.
I want to have the feeling that i can logon any hour of the day and have fun things i can do.
Currently if you logon in the morning or bad hours generally, theres nothing available unless u go gather something, waiting for the server to wake up.

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Hi GrailQuest, you bring up some good points here. I will forward your feedback to the Dev team. Take it easy and stay safe!

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