Biased towards melee users

So with this info, you just made the new dungeon useless for mage users. AS EVERY OTHER DUNGEON. we are getting max 2 good perks then 3rd is gonna be refreshing/refresh evasion or some useless bane. MELEE WEAPONS has such bis gear and weapon in these dungeons. LOOK AT The RAIDER set for ex. Fury and Blackguard Warhammer is both super bis, doom chance earring, smooth bone ring. i can go on. but the best we have as mages is the dynasty ring. and thats the only thing thats decent. IDK why u wanna change the 3rd perk to refresh evasion for the mages. its just gonna be useless. i as a mage have no reason to run dungeons, i never had and as it seems i never will. but melees wow, they dont even need to craft gear they get fully bissed out just running dungeons. but me as a mage crafting and crafting just for getting shit all the time. This dungeon i really wanted to get the fs and ig. since they were standouts, and had plagued strikes. since plagued crits is useless. and its too hard to craft a perfect mage anti healing weapon. I DEMAND THAT U EITHER DONT CHANGE THE FS/IG AND MAKE IT FULLY WORK. OR GIVE THE THIRD PERK VICIOUS/ENCHANTED/REFRESHING MOVE OR PLAGUED CRITS. LIKE EVERY OTHER MELEE WEAPON HAS. DEVS STOP BEING BIASED TOWARDS MELEE USERS. PLEASE IN WARS ITS 30-40+ MELEE USERS SINCE ITS TOO STRONG U ARE TANKY U CAN 1 SHOT AND U HAVE UTILITY, AND ON TOP OF THAT THEY HAVE BIS GEAR FROM DUNGEONS!!! GIVE THE GAME SOME DIVERSITY. IM GETTING SO ANGRY BC OF THIS. DEX USERS HAS BEEN LEFT OUT FOR MONTHS AND MAGES THE SAME!!! STOP BEING BIASED TOWARDS MELEE. SAME WITH GRAV WELL THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO GET A NERF, BUT NO NO UR GIVING THEM MASSIVE BUFF INSTEAD. PLEASE RECONSIDER UR CHOICES. AND GIVE THE GAME DIVERSITY!


Fury maybe BiS but i can only use it on Fights where i Take Minor damage.

Most of the time i end up using my Epic Hammer with Trenchant Recovery and Keenly Empowered, as the selfheal let me have more uptime on Bosses because i dont need to Disengage that much to drink pots or Dodge some cleave.

But after all i’m supporting your request, mages should get some nice stuff from Dungeons too :+1:

well thats a pve perspective you have atm. but if you look from a pvp perspective fury and the blackguard wh are BIS

L + Ratio + IG exists

odd question is that and thwarting strikes in the same pool?

Really sad it’s not replaced by Plagued Crits… Why Refreshing Evasion?! At least put in Refreshing Move. This is a really dumb move.

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yes the same pool when ur rolling u cant have both on same weapon

dang it. thanks.

imo i want them to stay like they are. it makes them standing out, as infamy and farseer spear. and imo plagued crits is useless since its heavily dependent on rng that u crit when they are below 50% hp if it was like 70-80% hp then yes its good otherwise its just rng.

if it wasnt for the 50% hp id have no issues with it being on crits.

land head shots or back stab for guarantee crits.

50% makes it worthless.

that and i have no idea how that would interact with that purify perk that removes all debuffs if taken below 50%

also thinking about the whole trenchent set. dex int and focus could really use some unique abilities. crits dont count everyone has crits. everyone can back stab, even the BB can head shot (STR).

thats the real bias. grit and an entire line of grit based accessories.


Actually a joke… Why are they changing? Are only melee and dex supposted to kill healers or what?

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they are fucking up a bunch of the blackguard weapons and remove a ton of the plague stuff for refreshing evasion.

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They were never supposed to have plagued strikes.

Why does AGS keep adding Refreshing/RefreshingEvasion for mage weapons… Makes ZERO sense.

At the least use a weapon perk like Refreshing Move.

For the first time as a mage I had a reason to run Tempest. Thanks for giving us no point at all once again =_=.


well, some weapons never should have enchanted and vicious since u cant roll it, same with the new surgeon ring that is void damage + keen. some of these drops ignore the roll pool. and thats what i like with some drops. and makes these weapons standouts and useful. but removing it and not replacing it was a useful perk just makes it just completely USELESS. and this had a discussion the whole month about plagued strikes on mage weapons in the ptr forums before release. so AGS clearly ignored ptr forums.

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true but switching them all to plague crits would of made more sense.

anti healing being more available would be better for the game overall.

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Sure. Some named drops break the rules. Blackguard weapons are not those though.

Honestly I’ll take refreshing evasion over plagued crits. Plagued crits kinda sucks imo and right now the best anti heal is actually rend and cc.

yeah but why giving it a useless 3rd perk? as @desubot said giving them plagued crits would make alot more sense. or give them vicious/enchanted. or let them be as they are. there is 0 reason for a mage to run the new dungeon now.

but we have already firevine staff and tayings heart? keen vicous refreshing. so why take refresh evasion?