Big Decoration score bug

  • What is your character name in New World: Enyana

  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Ketumati

  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Decoration score goes down when you pick up and move furniture or pick it up and put it down again.

  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug

  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: I spent two days farming furnishing and stuff to increase my score and it actually i went down in score by 70% while i added much more furniture, trophies and storage chests…

  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: Mentally no, i worked hard to be top of the list :frowning:

  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:

  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Put down an item, then move it and place it down, or pick it up put it down again. The score keeps dropping and dropping. I should have over 100k score by now AT LEAST. not under 19…


Also noticed this, decoration score is acting really strange by just moving furniture around slightly in nonsensical ways.

Example: Pirate swords look good on the cupboard. 37 points.

I move it to the floor in the middle of the room. 45 points. What?!

If things overlap even the slightest you also get a bunch of minus points or for example if i want to put on curtains i cant align it with the window correctly or i get minus points because the curtain is yellow when placing it, but if i move it to the right where its green, and its completely misaligned with the window i get a bunch of points?

I did some moving around of furniture to make sure its all “green”. which means misaligning curtains against windows and making it look really bad, huge minus points for putting carpets under tables and chairs or places where it makes sense… i got my score up to 365 with making things uglier

I assume there is some system in place to give minus points for people who just stacks things on top of eachother but this is nonsensical when you have items that clip into details of the house. Like those pirate oars i cant find any spot in the house that makes them green.

I also ran into this too. idk if it’s a bug but clipping stuff makes it yellow so it gives less points. But I also noticed I could move stuff around to nonsensical positions and the score would change, it wasn’t just about being green. Like I moved the rug around and it was green everywhere but the score changed. But that takes away so much ability to be creative! I want to be able to stack things where I want it, it’s so boring to not be able to put things wherever. Admins, give us creative control and just calculate off of the items themselves. I was so excited for housing but this limits so much. I even moved a carpet from one side of the room to the other, the score went down, so I moved it back and it didn’t go back up.

Number of an item type also seems to influence it but it’s very back and forth as well. More than 1? No, that is inconsistent as well.

PS I also can’t find a green spot for the pirate oars.

Item quality might matter sometimes? the most basic storage chest always gives -4 even while green no matter what I do.

I also cant find a spot for the pirate oars, so i have to remove them before the score update if i want to keep them at all.

Indeed anything placed yellow = minus points

The scoring is a huge mystery, Obviously if you place the carpet under tables and chairs you get docked for all the furniture on the carpets too.

I have more score and standing than ever before now yet in the menu i am barely above someone that just has a couple of furniture and the shop bundle.

For sure the house system is messed up, because placing stuff like curtains, you cant put them straight on the window, it will be yellow, you have to misalign sideways for it to be green which looks so bad and half-assed.

Okay so this stuff is bugged for real. I have 647 house deco score and upgraded my furniture today and im on standing 48… This doesn’t make any sense at all!! Can someone please take a look at this?

somehow i dropped from 123425 points to 59.605 points??!

the guy with 88.4k also dropped but he has so high even though he doesnt have any special furniture.

A big contributor to the display score is the standing you earned in the town during the 48-hour scoring period.

How exactly the decoration score (you see in the building screen, upper left corner) and the amount of standing you earned combine together is a mystery to me. Do they simply add? In which case, an almost empty house could be displayed in the top spot if the owner was super active in the town’s region, or do they multiply, in which case some combination of both would be needed; or some other more complicated method might be used.

However it is done, it would be welcome to be informed about how it works so we can offer feedback.

I think, ideally, it should include both relatively equally, so that the most well decorated house owned by an active resident of the town is shown; not just the one most decorated, but largely absent owner; nor the one super-active grinder with nothing but storage chests in theirs.

I’m really not keen on dumping a bunch of town board quests with expensive or useful mats (also controlled by enemy faction) now as i am lvl 60, that sucks then. Its strange to me though because in the last 48 hour period its not like i did particulary much with standing in the town either, you might be on to something about it making a difference… but still very strange.

Also i had some weird problem with furniture points so i ended up redecorating most of the house again today, and i noticed as i was placing furniture in the middle of the house, removing it, adding it, and removing it and adding it, it did different (on green) and it added and removed points but eventually it just didn’t add any points anymore (or subtract), very strange…

I just discovered this bug after I was happily decorating my house, thinking about not letting the guy who was catching up on points, to surpass me.
And then I noticed that my score went down significantly, after I put down some newly acquired stuff. Huh, that’s weird, I thought. And begin experimenting.

So turns out, the plus, or MINUS points from placing items is some random garbage!

For example: I can put a shelf INTO THE GROUD outside in the yard and it will give me +4 points. But placing a tree stump table near the wall of my house in the same yard gives -20.

Or how about this:
Properly placed curtains -4 points

Curtains literally hanging in the air +4 points.

Or this guy:

^This is the only way I found how I can put it to get any points. Clipped through the table. After I first placed the table half-imbedded into the wall, then placed the decoration, then removed the table and put the table back under the decoration. All for a whopping +5 points!
Anywhere else I’m trying to put this thing, it’s always “yellow” and takes away from -5 to -18 points!

What is this absolute circus?! It just completely ruined all the fun of decorating my house, once I realized, that half of my stuff is probably giving me minus points for some arbitrary idiotic reason!
So what now, I have to completely disassemble my house and tweak all the furniture around in a way that it will be beneficial for points (and hanging mid-air or half into the wall)?!

Yeah its a mess because also some furniture can clip through the floor or the walls so if your stump touched the wall and furniture inside it all becomes negative value, any overlapping items is a nono. Curtains is a mess because they dont even align green properly against windows but you can attach them to bookshelves or a bit misaligned and get green…

Today i only did maybe 4-5 board quests and i shot up bigly on the score

But i did also pimp my apartment even more… huge jump though. I really hope they will sort this out and not be as harsh on some item overlap, i understand they dont want you to just stack a bunch of items to just get points, but there are furniture limits as well… and maybe the overlap shouldnt be so harsh as it is currently.

I noticed also some deco objects wont sit on shelves straight green but if you put them in sideways so half of it sticks out then suddenly it is okay, but defying gravity…

I’d like to add on that while in the largest house you are allowed to have 4 chests, if you place more than 2 of the same one, your decoration score goes down. I don’t think we should be penalized for having storage chests placed in a “green” location.

2 chests placed already:

Placing the additional 2 with “green” placement makes them go down by 6 each (-12 total):

If I were to place them in a “yellow” placement it goes down by 12 each.

I’m happy if we only get decoration credit for 2, but we should’t be penalized for having the max amount.

Now let’s hope that the developers actually read this forum and take a notice of this thread :\

yeah you are correct, i think it was mentioned also by multiple people and confirmed that having multiple chests gives you negative score, i personally think the chests look good and mine arent even overlapping either, just in green and still negative score

So, I just bought a bunch of schematics to make a better furniture. Or so I thought.

And what I found out is - furniture that requires 0 skill in furnishing gives +4 points when placed. And furniture that requires 85+ furnishing and much better materials… ALSO GIVES +4 POINTS!

What is even the point of investing into leveling furnishing then and learning schematics and wasting better materials?! Seriously?!

Oarnament can’t be placed anywhere without -4 penalty. It’s always “yellow”.

This is so annoying. The higher my Decoration Score gets, the lower my Residential House Score is getting. With arround 800 or 900 Decoration Points i had 339.000 Points and now with 1174 Decorations Points im down to 46.041 Points. I mean is there any workaround Solution out for the that, or is it just bugged out ? Damn…

you need to get standing too, higher decoration score just seemingly works as a multiplier for the housing score, i believe its something like [territory standing earned last 2 day period] * deco score / 10

having multiple of some items can cause the new ones to reduce score, the amount is set per item, just grab other chests like the rock one or cursed chest

I want my house displayed, but I’m decorating how I want. Stuff the decorating score.

Board quests and territory standing seem to give more anyway.