Big Decoration score bug

I mean, that whole thing makes no sense to me. The one Day i have a Score over 339k and the next Day, after i expanded my Deco Score from 750 to 1100, i dropped down to 40k. Im Level 50 in that City. So if your right, i have to Grind every Day and all Day long to get territory standing to get for 2 Days a good House Score and when im doing nothing for two Days im dropping ? I really cant believe that the System is working like that.

your standing level doesn’t matter its standing ‘xp’ earned

my score went from 30k points to 322 over night while i was in bed sleeping ? fun times


This is how it works. You standing level doesn’t matter. Your housing deco score only matters a little. What matters a lot is how many town standing points you earned in the last 48 hours.

my Points went from 43k and something to 200 and something. So I need to do townboard quests to rise my score? Really?

That’s right. I went from 591,066 to 23; just because I earned virtually no points in one 48-hour period.

You can do anything that earns town standing, which includes doing quests in the town region, crafting in the town, doing faction quests in the town, and so on. Town board quests are probably the fastest way to get lots of standing points, but not the only way.

I recorded my deco scores and exact standing points earned in several periods and the formula you propose doesn’t fit.

For example, in one period I had a deco score of 686, and had earned 74750 standing. My housing score total was 591066.

In another period, my deco was 750, and I had earned 43649 standing. My score total was 279936.

In a third period I carefully recorded, my deco score was still 750, and I had earned 221 points. My housing total score was 5093.

In a final period I recorded, and carefully did not play in the 48 hours, it was still a deco score of 750, zero standing earned, and a total housing score of 23.

I did some basic model fitting to these and did not find a formula that matched well. Maybe someone else will have more success.

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@Ardrea did you try this formula?

Yes, it’s nowhere even close to accurate.

For example, 686 deco and 74750 standing earned, by that formula, would yield a total score of 5,127,850.0 points; whereas I had 591,066; which is off by over a factor of eight.

i meant /100, each point actually being a .01 multiplier, its just a guess but it is close to your score

Even then, it’s at best, a poor fit. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but there has to be more to it than these simple formulas we’ve been trying. For example, if I earn zero standing points, then why is my total score not exactly zero? This says, definitively, that it is not a full multiplier, and there are other terms we don’t know about.

If I had more patience, I would run more test cases. What is the score if I earn a lot of standing, but cut my deco down to zero? Does it matter if the deco changes during the 48-hour period? Or does it only matter what it was at the end of the period, or in the exact middle of the period, or at the beginning of the period? Does it matter when in the period the standing is earned? Does it matter if the house is a different tier? Is the total score affected by town buffs or standing cards?

We really have no idea, and the devs haven’t given us much to work from.

But from what I’ve seen, no one who’s merely an excellent decorator is going to win the top spot. It’s much more heavily influenced by the standing earned. In fact, a person could pop down a couple of chests and trophies, jumble in a few pieces of hap-hazard furnishings, and then grind out town boards and take the top spot.

I’m not going to play that game, it’s a loser.

it’s been in the ball park every time i’ve checked, if you have the exact points you made and deco score at the time of calculations, that helps - I haven’t looked into it that much

(Territory Standing + Deco Score) * (1 + Deco Score / 100)

gets us much closer to your 591k and makes more sense having a default 1.00 multi * deco score

In another period, my deco was 750, and I had earned 43649 standing. My score total was 279936.

doesn’t work for this though :frowning:

They will never tell us so we can’t “cheat” the system.

What’s going to occur when we max territory standing though? That’s what I want to know.

THAT is the question! I know it will take a long time to get to 300 but what after? If I craft in this Town will it be enough? Or do I only need to do those corruptions? Are they necessary?

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I found the solution to it - it worked for me thanks goodness. So when you press b to decorate, immediately click one of the other category options (ex: chair, lighting, decoration, etc) so that its not on “show all”. The lag disappeared for me and I was finally able to decorate

interesting interpretation of properly placed… lol - I agree with the games algorithms and your scoring

your stuff is too piled up… period

I feel as though standing level should have some bearing on your score. if I grind my standing to lvl 100 in a city, it isn’t by accident. I’ve obviously invested my time into contributing to the town for a extended period. from an RP standpoint this makes sense that my house would be a more important part of the city then some lvl 10 with store items who killed more wolves then me this weekend.

i went from like 38k, to like 457 after adding a fish, that is intended to boost your score. i think the score system is BS, cause if someone does more questing then you, they have a higher score, rather then you putting effort into making your house look pretty, you are punished for it.

Im on -195 xD