Big issues with musket's ptr buff

AGS actualy dropped the ball here. The few nerfs on BB and FS are good, i didnt have the chance to test it yet but on paper it seems ok. But something actualy mind blowing happened a week before the patch goes live : they partialy reverted musket and bow nerfs.

This is a very bad idea to buff ME with all the fortify changes. Musket and bow will deal more dmg. Also musket’s bloom seems bugged and their accuracy is as good as on live servers. Bow lost damage but its nearly not enough if you buff ME.

We need to get ride of this light/range meta once and for all. I think players wont accept another 3 months of bowpr/musketpr, and getting a fourth of our health bar deleted by a single arrow/bullet isnt acceptable at this point. It has been like this for at least a year


Didnt like the bowpr/musketpr?
Get ready for bowpr/musketpr/firestaffpr


They are not aware of the current state of the game unfortunately. They were need a significant nerf but it still same. Nobody left playing range single attack meta cause its broken

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This ain’t a light armor meta anymore, light armor took a massive hit after brim. Plus it’s as much a ranged meta as it is a melee meta, bb meta, musket, hatchet, lifestaff… ranged weapons are just one issue. Don’t just put to it specifically cause melee did its part too in ruining the game. Right now bbs are killing the game. You talk about musket hitscan well you got bb hitscan and cheese… musket is frustrating getting tagged by from across the map and bb you can’t get in a certain distance or your dead… there’s just so much that plays into why the game is the worst it’s ever been.

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There is a reason people say the developers dont play the game, when the patch notes after 4 months say:

“Lets buff mortal empowerment, musket, and the bow”


ME was nerfed too hard initially. It was worthless. They needed to change it.

You could stand still with the musket, aim for 5 seconds, and still miss the target dummy. It was too unreliable to use. How much better is it now? I’m not sure. The musket still probably has too much range.

They barely touched the bow on the ptr.


reverting some of the changes was a bad idea imo. musket feels like on live. and tbh ME supports a rat playstyle + snowballing is a big issue and we all know that with the upcomming fortify changes ranges will constanly 2 shot players like on live. so prepare for the next 3 months of bowpr. kinda sad i enjoy this game played 5k hours almost full pvp but this range meta was getting on my nerves for too long and i feel like changes really favor ranges again so the same old s*** will continue.

I dont think theres room for a infinite range hitscan weapon in an MMO

Since there are zero counters to it, the only way to nerf it is limiting its effectiveness. they should limit its range

100% damage on targets up to X meters away (say 50)

50% damage on targets between say 50-80 meters

No further damage after that


ranged need effective dmg range, 50% less dmg to target within 10m and beyond 40-50m.

also lifestaff Scared ground and musket stopping power ability CD should activate after skill effect gone.

It does not have infinite range, max range is ≈ 120 meters

shield does not exists ok
aversion perks and gems does not exists ok

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Yea give RANGE wepon RANGE dmg nerf good logic

Hard agree. Devs seem to enjoy catering to the 1 percent of musket players that ruin the game for everyone one else. They also seem to keep lying about their intentions with pvp. Twice they have said they aren’t happy with the power of ranged weapons and twice the changes they make, make it more powerful. Then In a dev video, say” we’re aware our recent changes didn’t work” and then continue to leave it in the game anyways.

Its boring because patch was looking good up until now. They even nerfed bb. I dont understand but hey whatever have fun in season 1 im out if its still musketpr

FS has shortes effective range and yet does maybe 2k on average with heavy attacks.
There is no reason while other range weapons, that are played on way safer distance should do 3-4k with auto attacks.

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Fs is magic wepon not range wepon

It is semi range weapon. Auto attacks are not mele attacks right?
Reality is bow and musket should do more dmg with auto attacks couse its their main source of dmg. While fs main dmg is coming from skills. But still. There is no reason that range weapon should be able 3 or even 4 shot 200con light armor user.

I not counting fs as range weapon, if your wepon atack cant hit enemy on 70 metres you are not range, fire staff can be same deadly as bow but not in range, oweral i think ig and fs same as vg are support mele magic wepons, however amazon game studio gave no brains cells left, because fs main dmg supose to be from burn not a direct atack hit , make your way near clumo, use all abilitys to apply burs on enemy, fall back to safety and poking enemys with heavy atack until cd ready. All wepons neex changes in general,

Yea FS is not true range. Except fireball all abilities have effective cast range 15m or lower.

IG has no dmg at all. Just some utility.
VB after patch might do some dmg but also not much and on very short range.

Still i dont think we have a place in game for range weapon that can 3,4 or even 5 hit 200con build from 120m range. Maybe if we would talk about 30m range. But nope.

Actually that is how ranged weapons work even in rl. No idea why you think that is an abstract construct

FS and IG are range weapons