Big problem about Server Transfers

Firstly hello everyone,

I have some problems for the up comming server transfer feature and i would like to share them with you.

So on September 28, New World team announced that they were working on a server transfer feature and everyone will be able to move their character to a new server of their choice.

There was a big confusion around the community about what the “new server” meant. So they clarified it in a twitter post same day.

On October 1, they posted another forum post that encouraged players to go to the empty servers and start playing. When the feature is ready, they will be able to go and play with their friends.

Me and i belive many number of players started playing in an empty server in order to catch up with our friends and when the transfer is available move to their server in order to play with them.

However on October 2, New World team announced a new server status called “Full”

and 4 days ago they gave us a little more detail about server transfer and i am concerned about this part of the post.

So the server my friends are playing is full. But they stated that we can move to any server before they even introduced a new server status called full and they also annouced 4 days ago that we cannot move to the full servers. Many of us started in another server without knowing something like this would block us from playing with our friends. And i cant just ask 80 people to change server and throw all their hard work for just me.

So my question to the new world team, what am i supposed to do?

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