Big problem incoming

Hey there,

This is a post for devs and I would like to get some answer from them.

We have a big problem incoming to Nysa:

Many servers got merged up on Nysa and hopefully players who left it on their old server will jump back into Nysa.

This means that we will have endless queues.

What are you going to do about it?

It would be nice to move all the accounts that have not been connected for x time.

Logically warning before.

Please do something. We have a good community here and i dont want to move because returned players wants to see whats new.

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that’s the Plan so far. hope for returning players to see that and move on

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O yeah i saw that and i dont like it.

There is not a real solution.

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It’s unfair tbh. I still have my 2 tokens, but not everyone still having it.

What’s happens to that players that used tokens before because server population problems?

Do they have less rights than us?

well they had 2 and can purchase them

No, of course not. They have, and had, exactly the same rights as you and everyone else with 2 free transfers has. You’re not asking for them to have the same rights, you’re asking for them to have more rights.

Those tokens were given to solve population problems in the past. And some players used it to solve it. New problems are now expected. I am not asking for more tokens, I am asking if it is possible to move accounts that have not been connected for a long time to another server.

And your answer to “Hey, I just came back after a couple of months away - all my friends are on Ygg, where I was, and now I’ve been exiled to Auk and Ygg is locked so I can’t play with my friends because Ygg is locked!” is what…“tough sh**”?

People take time away from MMOs all the time…and yes sometimes for months.

I suppose, if AGS sent warning emails to account holders in danger of this, saying “If you don’t log in in the next 2 weeks we’re going to move (character name) to (lower pop server) to make room and reduce queue times.”, that would be reasonable warning.


Yes, if you received and advise before, so your account will move if you don’t connect before x.

That’s what i want.



Just for clarification: does anybody actually get a free token or is this just a reminder that everyone who hasn’t played in so long still has their 2 tokens?

Anyway this is not a good solution imo. They should activate world transfers from the main menu. To bypass queues entirely. Just force end all auctions and force leave the company…

Just this.

Yeah, they just said us to transfer to another server before patch.

So we have to asume that we will lose all money earned and saved at company bank, because a player money cap.

Ohh yes, we also should buy entire market before we go, just to not lose money?

That’s really unfair and not fun.

AGS should do something about it before the problems start. Telling us to transfer because queues are expected is not a solution.

From another thread, it does appear that something similar might be getting implemented.

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Should be a nice solution if they implement it. But atm the official post just says “move your ass asap if you dont want long queues”

Oh sure. Both things can be true :slight_smile:

If you move now, you guarantee where you will end up.

I know. Its not and easy decision to move entire company. We will lose money, friends and divide the community in the process.

Good Luck

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hahahahahha Thanks!!