Big streamers abusing multiple bugs at the same time

Is this not ban worthy? Abusing fire staff while abusing boss respawn, whilst streaming …


Literally using a macro which I thought was against TOS…

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Getting paid by twitch (amazon) to cheat on a game from amazon, banned for disrespect

wth is that…I just watched him abusing. He is live doing it now…

The worst part is that he thinks he is right and people complaining are the toxic ones… wtf

Animation canceling with double staff. I think you can do it on a number of weapons.

You can do that with life staff also, which I suspect is the real reason they nerfed the AoE heal perk when they removed the AoE and called it a performance fix.

Hoping they don’t nerf light armor dodge roll animation canceling in the process of nerfing weapon animation canceling.

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