Biggest exploit not fixed since release

have you seen tons of bots running around, farming, fishing, kill monsters?
this opportunity gives them the game itself by showing LOCATION numbers in the upper right corner with the “show fps” setting turned ON. bots read those numbers so they could move. without this information, gather bots wont exist.
you want to see new fresh start servers with 50% bots population?
@Luxendra @Aenwyn

Even if it wasnt displayed, its possible for cheat programs to read the game memory for these X Y Z location values.

the only way to remove bots is to put them in bot prison. a moving labyrinthian laser grid where teleporting is turned off and the only way out is to navigate the traps. have them spawn in the start location when they die. make it a spectator thing where crowds can cheer and make wagers on who gets through. as I’m typing this, craftable throwable objects at like rotten food that knocks them over would be a nice touch.

Holy s***, what are you? A roman emperor from 500 B.C. ?

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hahaha well Caligula might be a bit of inspiration behind this but I was thinking more takashi’s castle style of whacky zany obstacle courses that even players might want to try and beat. kinda like fall guys.

Add in some rewards for clearing it and a free TP back to your starting point when done and you have a punishment you can be very liberal with, but that would still hurt botting significantly :stuck_out_tongue:
I kinda like it :smiley:

though we are going with a semi magic sci-fi Egyptian theme and from what I can see, there is probably going to be some greek themes in the future. it would just be unwise of them to not take advantage of such narrative theme while they are so close in the epoch.

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