Biggist problem to PvP is mobuility and DPS in 1 class

I will try my best here to explain the anxiety I see and hear from others and including myself, to the Dev team, as we have had to deal with a stacked light class for the last 6 months.

“Will it change from the current ranged lights being completely broken and the idea that all that’s happening is a Horizontal Nurf with Shirking Fortify to all and all that will happen now is the Musket just replaced with Bow & Firestaff instead, resulting in the same thing we have had to injure for 6 months”

I’m afraid to say unless there is a significant and meaningful full loss of damage from the fall off over distance, it will just be the same for another 3 months.

I understand this late attempt, probably due to wanting to add value and reason to current and
potential returning players, Season 1’s Marketing campaign. A painful deliberate and tactical delay for all of the people who choose not to play an FPS tactile shooter but end up being in one!

The system is unbalanced because you have a class with both Mobility & Ranged DPS with no real fall-off of damage. Unless now in Season 1 the medium class can 1 tap lights with a ranged weapon?

We already have 0 Con or low Con players not giving an F because they are already playing the style, remaining at a distance using their damage and rolling away to regroup with other like-minded players and EAT SLEEP REPEAT shooting PvPers like their NPCs and so will just be more tentative remaining in their safe zone. Tapping out heavies whose only defence is to hide like penguins in large groups.

So do I believe the Devs are capable of a good balance? Maybe… If it carries on with a class having mobility Damage with no significant drop-off, I can’t imagine it will. Thats based on your lack of attention and or action on the most obvious of problems.

I’ll be constructive and offer my idea of a better balance as this isn’t a moan, it’s to address the fear of no change from AGS addressing the balance issue and ideas for a solution if its not addressed in Season 1.

With the intention of PvP weight class distribution being equal across the player base, making all classes of equal value and inturn I have considered this as an option.

*** Heavy class:**

High DPS but low ranged attack distance with High Defence and Low Mobility speed.

*** Medium Class:**

Medium DPS with medium ranged attack distance with Medium Defence and Medium speed.

*** Lights class:**

** Low DPS with High ranged attack distance with Low Defence and High speed.**

Heavies can’t keep up with lights’ speed to chase down, in turn, lights cant just DPS from a distance, Mediums have the ability to close down Heavies at the risk of a high DPS encounter and Lights can kite all day long with mobility playing the longterm game, they do this already so it’s not changing their play style!

I hope this is received with its best intentions but please note if the light class hasn’t had a significant reduction in DPS & or Mobility in this next patch nothing will change apart from a horizontal nurf applied to all with the issue still being light range zergs due to DPS & Mobility stacked in 1 class.

Prove us wrong please XXXXXXX


Of course, movement speed is one of the great evils of NW PVP (both passive movement speed and the movement speed provided by light armor). That’s what I agree
with you.

If AGS doesn’t realize this, PVP will never improve.

Now… I believe that there should not be any difference in speed between players (regardless of the armor or weapon they carry). It’s the easiest way to balance things.

Starting from here you can theorize the advantages or disadvantages to give personality to the armor (because of its weight), but always without touching the speed of movement.


Legit, just no.

High DPS high Defense? You legit want to be a friggin Panzer lol.

Range already hits pretty low vs heavy.

If you’re in heavy trying to chase a light dex user, you need to understand your builds capabilities more.

You shouldn’t be chasing anyone.


It’s not about chasing.

Lightly armored DEX users have:

-Higher movement speed than the rest.

-They strike from a safe distance, which keeps them safe from meele enemies.

-And they have infinite ammunition.

There’s no reason to get close to combat, and that’s why open world PVP, and OPRs are currently horrible. And this is not going to change unless AGS changes these 3 points.

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It aint light only…
It is fckn dex and their haste/skill mobility and Damage Output


literally just a ranged haste problem. Mages and light melee are fine in light even muskets are pretty fine when you get to them its just musket design in of itself is not fun to play against. Bows on the other hand, egregious.

Exactly the problem is both. Both the light armor, as well as the movement speed in the skill trees


Movement speed has to do with haste passives, typically most complaints are based around the 10% haste on dodge with bow and musket.

Yea, they have a further dodge. So what? You sacrifice damage mitigation as a light user, it has to have some sort of advantage.

Medium and Heavy is about to have built in freedom as well. Another pretty big advantage for medium/heavy. Paired with a lower slow after a melee hit, more damage mitigation, more CC duration, more iframes, and even higher health.


Only in OPR and 3s. Why are you trying to group dex builds with light, like it’s an exclusive thing. Trying to support nerfing light because of what musket and bow can do in light lol. Surely you’re smarter than that…

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It is that the combination of the 3 points is the problem of the DEX users of range.

I’m talking about DEX users because you named them

The problem is actually in the extra speed that light armor has when rolling, rolling and rolling.
Then there is also the speed increase that is in the skill trees, this makes everything worse.

In other PVP games the movement speed is tied to a large CD, I don’t understand why AGS doesn’t copy the fundamental bases of other PVP games that work.

So you want light nerfed because of dex? Instead of just nerfing the haste from musket/bow?

Been running some off builds, when I get the mood to login. None have built in haste, and it’s light. I move at the same speed as everyone else. :person_shrugging:

You travel further when you dodge. Truth…but you also take more damage and have a few other disadvantages vs medium and heavy.

This is New World. No other action base combat game can compare. Stop trying to compare NW to others. Especially with tab target games…


It’s not just that you travel farther, exiting the roll animation instantly recovers. This in practice gives movement speed to any user of light armor, that’s why these users roll, roll and roll whenever they have to move, not because they are dodging anything, but because they gain speed.

And it’s not about NERF, it’s about fairness, all players have to move at the same speed in PVP, at most there can be skills with sprint but with CD of no less than 2 min. Because speed is very advantageous.

In any case if the light armor has less armor. EXAMPLE: it could be given more crit chance… or a small increase in attack speed… or the resistance to medium/heavy armor could be decreased…

Or all 3 examples together, but never movement speed

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Anyone who disagrees with this post is contributing to why the game is dieing


They do move at the same speed.

Dodge distance is just different. Did you know that the distance is cut in half, if you hit a light user just once? Same with other slows as well.


Every weight class has advantages and disadvantages. That’s what makes them unique.

Light med and heavy is fine. Especially with the upcoming extra freedom that comes with med and heavy.

I play light because it’s substantially funner. Feels more punishing if you try to spam LMB.

Light is fine. If anyone is still struggling vs light, it’s a skill issue. If you’re in heavy trying to chase a light, it’s a lot more than just a personal skill issue.

I believe when the damage mitigation changes happen, most will start abandoning light. Will be even more punishing being caught. Can’t be saved by fortify.

Anywho I’m done with you. Keep doing your unga bunga thing. I’m sure you get farmed regardless…

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im gonna say this on this post as well because i keep seeing people talk about it more and more and hopefully AGS reads some of these or some sort of lead does. In Video games like this, with different classes, ESPECIALLY ranged classes. Nobody should be getting 100 to 0 insta killed on this game, not even Light Armor user VS Light Armor user. Thankfully next patch they are going in the direction for time to kill to go up, because thats how these games are meant to function. You guys changed your design from a DarkSouls/Moba in Pre-Alpha to a MMO/MOBA on release. In MMOS and MOBAS, the game should never ever ever ever favor, the ranged characters or the assassin characters 1v1, those classes deserve to be good and perform but you should always be balancing your game around how well Bruisers/Tanks and Mages/Healers perform. Either Warriors or Mages are supposed to be the best class in mmos, not the ranged characters or the rogues.

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Ranged Characters are meant to pick off lower hp targets from afar, not nuke them from afar.

Assassins are meant to Nuke light armor characters like mages but in this game with how slow everyone moves, its not healthy. You guys will get it right one day lol.

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I agree, read it again, Heavies should not be able to chase lights but with a skill maybe a medium.

The point being Heavy High Malee damage and short ranged fall off, with the high defence of course but low mobility. The range falls off the distance and not spinning off into the distance stops the mass balance.

Not to be the same way as light players have had it. That is the complete opposite of encouraging a balance player class. Having a Heavy with High-Ranged DAMAGE, DEFENCE AND MOBILITY is literally the only thing worse than the topic in hand, lol, no, just no. In reflection, if your response was of shock then, you clearly understand the issue. It’s an MMO any system of combat, that doesn’t represent all players and classes equally.

Mental perception of encouraging community engagement.

It is what it is, lol its not our job to fix it. Not paid a penny!

You cannot have high DPS and high defense. People will just pair it with healing and they will take objectives. No one will be able to stop them.

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It’s that you don’t understand.

Currently the OPRs (this is by far the most played PVP mode, and the one that takes up the highest % of NW PVP time) is full of bow/musket users, that thanks to its speed of movement
, they shoot from safe distances.
You see that in all of the current OPR videos.

And if you think this is okay, then there’s no point in debating.

You just have to know that this damages the health of the game, and which is one of the causes of many players leaving .

They shoot at safe distances because the penalty for doing so is not meaningful.

Damage fall off of 33% increasing to 66% at from distances of 60-80 meters would be a good start.


Also… but if you don’t remove the extra movement speed that light armor gives and the speed passive (from the skill tree), they will still always stay within the limit of those 60 meters.

They just have to run back as long as it takes to fire again from a safe distance.
Because that’s what happens in the game right now.