Biggist problem to PvP is mobuility and DPS in 1 class

bow and musket both have perma haste.


yeah 10% vs bow having 10% and another 10% on demand. but yeah they both do have perma 10

It is that it is more than 10%.
To that % you have to add the speed that light armor adds when rolling, which coincidentally also activates the 10% xD passive.

That’s why archers/musketeers always keep a safe distance by throwing projectiles.

And so the OPR is horrible xD

Imagine have 300 or 400 dex and dont have mobility xD as i always say, bow is not problem problem is second wepon loke hachet or rapier whu ler bow man juat go away

Thanks all for any comments and interest, please share this or add more content because even if this helps mature the game slightly, we are all hitting the same goal.

Yes you would have this, Heavy focused combat, that should be supported by mediums and in turn supported by lights… YES YES YES… It would be unbalanced if it didn’t. The ranged output would need to be very obvious in the damage fall off as the shortest of any class to not be OP as mentioned in the examples.

Why is it considered unusual to have Tanks fighting Tanks with other Tanks? They will not have the mobility speed or ranged damage so Malee combat would be a heavy first choice and most suited combat style. As it should be!

I understand your concern about the healing power and of course, the current -15% healing output is there for a reason. That being said Heavy healers were really tanky in the day and very good supportive players before the nurf, It needs to spell this part out, this was at the cost of Zero Kills in unselfish commitment to the team. No DPS was nerfed for Zero healing and you just witnessed the aftermath of that change for 6 or more months!

I do understand that it will take effort for medium or lights to kill heavy classes but let us be honest, that’s exactly how it should be.

Thanks for your interest please continue helping

I agree the combat style has so much appeal and potential and I prefer the more skill-based system. Just needs a rework if not already sorted next patch, history talks volume on that remark!!! Lets Go AGS!!!

Jesus christ another thread of some heavy armor OTP wanting to have 20k hp, oneshot everything and be able to chase everything no matter the build.

It’s like this mainly because of the safety part. You can get 3k points for max rewards much easier and safer with a bow or musket from a far as a solo player than with a melee build. It is really that fkn simple.

OPR scoring system is the root cause of a lot of issues this game mode is facing and the OPR itself (because of bad scoring system which favours stat padding) is by no means a place to look for data and seek answers when it comes to weapon or equipload balance until a better, more well-rounded scoring system is in place.

OPR is a vacuum. Vast majority of the people playing this game mode don’t understand it even on a basic level, but scream for balance changes based on what they experience there after taking the L. Absolutely ridiculous.

Get your heads from between your butt cheeks people. Stop coping about ranged builds. If you can’t catch up to dex in OPR, in the current meta it means your build is simply not designed to do so (and likely you don’t use cakes either).

Stop blaming the game for your own shortcomings.

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Its a thread about balance, as you know the range DPS & Movement makes 70 % Players NPCs.
Please add something constructive the whole point is the light ranged as it stands has considerably less short cummings.

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If it actually was about balance we would be talking about medium armor.

… in OPR.

Just like in any other MMO. People like mobile classes, people like doing high damage.

I did, buf feel free to cope as hard as you want my friend. If you have an issue with light armor (especially after ptr changes drop) it’s a you problem. It is fine as is and will receive yet another nerf in Season 1.

Your half-baked ideas about equipload balance would never come to fruition. No one will treat this seriously there is no numbers, no crunch analisys. You ignore a metric fkton of in game parameters. It’s actually insane you call me out for not being constructive whilst your whole idea is just a pipe-dream.

New World is not played in a vacuum.

It is very true what you say.

It’s well known that in all MMORPGs people like to always use the broken DPS class, that’s why it’s FULL of musketeers and archers in the OPR.

And if AGS does nothing, the daily PVP will never improve.

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This is wild lol

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I disagree with this opinion

of course you do, you probably have never played a balanced game in your lifetime on this planet.

10% + Zephyr ( which many ppl forget about )

10% zephyr while bow is taking battle bread so…no that is not the answer

Super odd assumption.

Anyway I feel that this

Is wrong. The most balanced games always have some kind of rock paper scissors Balance to them.

As in warrior counters assassin, assassin counters mage, mage counters warrior (as a general rule).

You’re suggesting that certain classes need to just be better than other classes just because? Haha

I wish you said this is balanced XXXXX

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i have no idea what video game you are playing where mages counter any sort of tank. It actually shows the amount of game sense you have when it comes to these kinds of games. Good talk friend.

Agreed, I don’t believe for a minute they will even try to stop players tilting over this and make the needed changes. just try to mediate instead of doing. April 15th is my limit on testing to see if nothing changes.

I’ll DL again for Season 2 if its clear over social media actual changed have happened.

Thanks for you reply bud, class balance should not be a pipedream though its should be a part of the game.