Biggist problem to PvP is mobuility and DPS in 1 class

So why not be better than others and be the example. Thanks for the reply bud.

You say this with such certainty, as if your idea would balance the game xD it’s a vacuum-sealed concept bro. It wouldn’t work.

Musket weapon is not exist anymore with 28th March update and it doesn’t matter if you play well or not that everything is RNG, and only cheaters will not be affected by it because thy will update their cheater script code…

Mages are always the tank counterplay lol what

Yeah your probably right, and because I’m looking for balance MMOs probably not for me.
So its either light ranged DPS shooting NPC (PVP) or uninstall. April 15th is my cut of date. Ill look at it season 2 if my interests are not been realigned. I should just play chess!

Lineage 2:

Mages/healer(robe) >tank /guerrier (Heavy)
Heavy> light (archer/dagger)
Light >mages/healer

I think the heavy armor need just a estoc protection.

i think the devs created a problem when they removed the Manuel stamina drain sprint. the Manuel sprint that drained stamina prevented all of these issues your having. because players needed to be smart to know when they wanted to sprint away because if they are already at low stam and sprinted away they will not have enough stamina to do so. there fore they had t hold there ground and fight. but then again if they used too many of there skills that took stamina running away would be almost impossible. but now that they removed the stamina sprint drain. people can run for ever. people can run while eating. people can run why sleeping.

Who ever suggested that the devs removed the Manuel sprint that drained your stamina created a Huge problem that the game is still suffering from till now. games like this really need that stamina drain on sprint or they fall apart.


The only thing is if the still have High DPS and large range which is more of a problem because what is meant to be the centre of a fight Heavies (slash and bang) its more lights acting as tanks followed buy ranged. To me this would still be the problem. That’s why I suggested Heavies with High DPS but when it comes to ranged weapons their fall off is like 1 or 2 meters. Other wise it would flip to another stupid scenario. Meh its OPR mostly where any consistency of balance just dose not happen. This is the casual intro to NW PvP the place most people wont go.

Thanks for your reply though as I haven’t considered or was unaware of the change in stamina.


Remove haste from EVERY weapon. No haste passives at all. No haste for berserk, no haste on fire staff, great sword…nothing.

The only haste available should be keen speed.


Removing haste would probably be good.

Tying haste to abilities or conditions (like dodging an enemy attack) would also likely be fine if they have cooldowns.

The problem is having haste without extrinsic conditions or cooldowns, which allow you to have haste whenever you want.


Every haste should be conditioned. Just like what they did with Evade. Removing haste entirely would just slow down the gameplay for all involved. I don’t see the benefit.

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Light armor is not exclusive to ranged builds


Try explaining that to heavy armor OTP giga chads to whom everyone who’s not melee is a running coward and abuser. Good luck

In fact haste would be better when limited by conditions that assume other player already did close gap. So mele would close gap and have stupid perma slow when hits you, but you get lets say 5sec 20% haste if you dodge his attack. So it does make that fight more fair imho. Since you can die there as llight armor and stay perma slowed, but can get out if you use haste and dodge in proper moment.

Another woulde be lets say rappier perk extensions where you have to hit enemy and then get haste. So if you are under slow you have to cleans that frist and then do dmg to get haste and get out.