Bile Bomb feels useless

I have tried over and over to find a way to mitigate heals in small scale fights against healers.

I have used Bile Bomb time and time again just to watch them heal right through it, time and time again. The length of infected (8s) and the amount it reduces healing (30%) is very underwhelming. perhaps 12s and 60% should be what it changes to.

The cloud is easy to escape as well. Is it just me or is Bile Bomb pretty much useless?

Have you tried it on the PTR? They are nerfing leeching and the fortify perks.

It’s pretty good. Disease not really good in this for large scale. It’s a bit more noticeable in arenas. If there’s a healer you won’t notice it all. But non healers you notice they pots ain’t hitting hard. But honestly they’re way better outs out there and I will go with mending stone form. With all the cancerous cc in the game by far my most favorite ult and don’t know why I just started using it 2 weeks ago.

it useless so because healers dance in there circle until really fast CD come back up rinse and repeat. The disease in this game is not strong enough to counter healing its that simple.

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so yeah…bile bomb is useless is what you’re saying. lol

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