Bitter sweet game progress

Fantastic news on the PTR and massive shout out for what’s coming next.

Unfortunately this has also resulted in EU server capacity unable to meet demand. Following all of the recent server merges.

Possible solutions:

  1. Do nothing and watch people give up waiting. Lack of action may undo all the excellent work you have added to the game.
  2. Open new eastern European servers to service players in Turkey and surrounding areas.
  3. Increase EU capacity
  4. Create new servers that can not be transferred in to for the launch of Brimstone Sands expansion. I know quite a few players that would be interested in making a fresh start on a (whole) new world


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bump need solution

I was referring to locking servers, I don’t believe a server should ever be locked

Not sure why it chose to quote you from that thread but it is still fairly apt

Just noticed the fix has been applied for all servers to have 10% additional player count (2,200 per realm)

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