Black Friday - GPU under 10k that can run NW at 60 fps

Hi, I am far from being expert in GPUs and I was wondering what GPUs can run this game at smooth 60 fps, you guys have any suggestions? Please, nothing over 10k usd, third world country person here.

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At what resolution are you going to play New World?
New World is very CPU intensive, so the bottleneck for stable 60 fps maybe be the cpu not the gpu.
Best CPU would be the 5800X3D, for the GPU if you play on 1080p maybe something like a 3060/2070 sould be enough.


I went for 13900K. Intel seems to have the upper hand this time around. I know 5800X3D is insane for specific workloads, but 13900K seems like a better allround option to me.

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