Black friday store deals

When can we expect the new skins to be released to the store?

Same, When?

News link said it starts on the 26th

When do we get Santa Outfits and Christmas trees, because you know that is a top priority when major parts of the game are literally broken for nearing two weeks now.


Who cares about skins when they need to be more worried about game improvements? Yes different devs but still, no point in buying skins if the game improvements don’t happen and hence the game dying, Just Survive anyone?

nothing will change, their will only do checklist from last year, if something need to change, the dev need put six thick paper proposal to team leader and need wait one month for approval from higher up. That was how their work.

One thing I wish would change would you learning how to use the proper there, their or they’re.

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ty, i forgot recheck my writing on google. fix it now :sweat_smile:.

Whyyy are u caring for and actually askin for skins/ingame shop items, with the game in it’s current state. Cmon bro, we will get served plenty of ingame shopitems in time.
That is, if there is an actual playerbase to sell them to tho, after the months to come! ;(
I really really hope there is <3

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