Bleed is useless now

Bleed feels so weak right now. i used to be able to get a few bleeds on a person and do enough damage throughout the fight that i could win. Now it seems its next to useless. I loved that mechanic but all the shirking/leaching/regen negate any kind of bleeds.

Did the bleeds get reduced or did the shirking/leaching/regen get buffed? whats going on? someone in light should get hit pretty hard by bleed and they’re just regening through it like its nothing.

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The game is definitely lacking Dot focused builds

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PvP, is still all about rolls!

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I’ve got massively raped by some guys with Spear + Rapier and got killed lot of times just by the bleed I can’t handle, at least you using the perk “Blood Letting” and got “Keenly Jagged” in both weapons? But also, an addition to bleeding that I think is necessary to make it “Viable” is to take increased bleed damage while moving, 50% extra bleed damage while moving can make bleeding builds meta.


I would love to play a dot build, usually my fav playstyle. Still working on getting expertise up and will try experiment then. Btw do bleeds from different sources stack?