Blefuscu server maintenance

The server says “world is under maintenance” and had no idea there was any maintenance being done today?

yea, took me by surprise too! funny that only our server is down.

It had to be the any % speedrun war we did in 2 minutes lol

Server Status | New World too funny…and sad! our “low pop” server too stronk!

Server is back online.

Cloud is hard yo.

Hello all,

Thank you for the reports. I hope servers are up and running by now. We are sorry if the server maintenance affected you, it was not the intention.

Our Dev team is working hard in order to let players know if something is going to be updated in game before it happens.

Please save this link Server Status | New World and News | New World in order to check any possible update. Also Official News - New World Forums and Developer Corner - New World Forums for other kind of information.

Thank you all!!! :star_struck: