Blessings of Earth Quest

Having trouble with Blessings of Earth quest, part 3 I cant seem to find the quest in my log it just says
“Gain the favor of the residents of the Glade 2/3”

I was told I should have a quest to craft a strong blight tincture for this part but I never got that quest and none of the npcs in that area are giving me any quests.

Ive already done the chest grab up north in eden grove and catch the fish for the bear


I am also having the same issue. Please someone help on how to fix this.


you have to talk to ixia , near in east of the wood, the treant girl.

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I did that but during my quest of I gained 1/3 favors from the residents and no longer see the quest on the map.

Just solved this: Do the Bear’s (Juice) quest, wolf’s (Snap) quest, and Ixia’s quest in Edengrove.

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Well if you accepted the quest, then it’s a crafting quest (on ixia’s case) and it won’t show up anywhere on your map. Check your journal to find it (shouldn’t be hard, since it’s a main quest).

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