BlueScreen of death : Clock watchdog timeout

hello , im totally disapointed , the game randomly kill my computer .
the game freeze , then bluescreen of death appear with error : clock watchdog timeout .
my computer is powerful and i have 32 ram , all driver update , game integrity checked , set FPS to 30 ingame , disable discord and any background programs , running game as administrator , everything .
plz help :<


Same bro. My comp was running fine and then randomly blue screened. Now New world freezes on startup and wont play.

having same issue, is this a game issue, or a computer issue, drivers and such are all up to date, hadnt seen this before until this game

huh and here I was about to reinstall windows

feels like it might be some weird driver issue

I’ve also experienced this BSOD (Clock Watchdog Timeout) twice now. First Blue Screen in at least 5 years. Nice job Amazon!

Hi, I’ve the same issue but only in game menus like crafting, talking with npc etc… i’ts completly randomly.

i have the same issue
i was playing New World without anything wrong and everything working smoothly
after two days the BSOD appeared and i though something wrong in my software cause i’ve bought new GPU & CPU and never re installed windows.
I did re install windows from scratch and downloaded New World again was expecting hopefully I can play now
after 3 hours waiting in the Q finally i’m the Num 1 in Q
i got the same BSOD
tried different games like Warzone , Apex , Forza 4.
and everything going smooth except New World When i enter the world BSOD Starts.
i believe there is something wrong in the game not on my PC
PC Specs :
i9 9900k
RTX 3070
Corsair ddr4 16Gb 8x2 3600
Corsair Platinum 860 Wats
Samsung M.2 970 Pro 500GB

me too . havent gotten BSOD in like years on my PC. New World just caused me CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error as well 2 times now. i think just a matter of months of playing this game and my PC will be destroyed lol. game is too buggy

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I have the exact same issue. Can’t play the game for 30 minutes without PC hard freeze followed by BSOD

They are claiming all the BSODs are user related and have officially stated New World is safe to play. My $3000 laptop is a table ornament thanks to those BSODs. Be careful!

Try flashing BIOS

You could also try disabling Turbo Boost if you have an Intel CPU

I’m having the same issues. I bought a new Gaming PC the other day due to my old build being a potato. With my old PC i never received a BSOD playing New World and ever since ive changed PC i keep getting the BSOD at random… sometimes it works for hours on end and sometimes i start and it instantly crashes…

I currently run
i9-11900K @ 3.50 GHz
2x 16GB DDR4 RAM
RTX 3080 GPU
M2 1TB

I have been tweaking every GPU Setting possible to not overdo it. I’m not overclocking or pushing performance in any other way… The in game graphics are all set to medium as highest and several on low. I have capped the Frames to 30 at max… nothing is working… All my drivers and windows are up to date… how is this even possible??

are you by chance using the minimap app?


nope its def the unfinished turd that is this game when everyone has this error that is caused BECAUSE of it

Gaming on laptops is not really prudent.

The error here has to do with CPU cores and memory. Just update your hardware drivers, then look at things affecting your memory and CPU … like overclocking … or multitasking … or streaming Netflix while afk in the OPR …

I know three people which have been having similar, but not identical issues. Me being one of them.

We all get random memory dumps while playing NW. All while having a virtual machine running. Two of us thought we were having memory lane failures, so we bought new PCs only for it to occur again. Deleted NW and no longer have any issues.


Just bought a new laptop. Plenty prudent. Refuse to install New World.

What a giant waste of money. People who don’t play have nothing to say, welcome to ignore.

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