Blunder buss expertise bugged?

I’ve opened over 25 chests now of multiple varieties and I’ve gotten 0 bumps for BB which is my only non 600 piece, guild mates have done dungeon runs and have gotten 0 despite being supposed to get a guaranteed bump. Did they nerf the chance to get a expertise bump? Or is it bugged?

it’s a little wonky, I got 2 508 bumps which I don’t think should happen then my next was a 515 so i’m not sure if it should jump like that

Its just random.

The only guaranteed ways to increase Bbussy or any single slot is through gypsum or crafting that item (crafting a lego bbussy bumps expertise once)

Dude I opened 180+ opr caches and my BB expertise is 516. I got a lot of BB’s but not many bumps

I’ve opened about 80 OPR caches. I have received numerous BBs, but no expertise bumps. I’m still at 500 expertise for the BB.

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I just took the easy route, used an orb from faction vender and bumped it to 501 just to make sure it worked for expertise.

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