Blunderbuss and Refreshing move

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    Refreshing Move appears on a few Named Blunderbuss Weapons.

Including the BOP craftable Blunderbuss at engineering 200. Troublemaker 9000

Posted Below is a clip of the interaction. every pellet for Blunderbuss procs Refreshing move. this is known by the team due to the fact you cant craft it outside of named items. but whoever designed the named items was not informed of such interaction.


Edit: Included is a Combination of a Left Click into a grapple shot into a left click before the grapple starts dragging you.
this lets you get 2 shots of much much faster than otherwise possible. this issue is made worse by Refreshing move as you can do it very quickly.

Thanks! I’ll forward it over.

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Appending to Current post as its now a blunderbuss bug thread :P.

the Light Roll animation on Blunderbuss is slower to animate its final few frames. resulting in rather weird looking light roll animations. not sure if it effects immunity frames.

I’m confused on what the bug is with refreshing move? or in your opinion, do you think it shouldn’t be proc with each pellet?

This is not the bug, this is intended. That is why refreshing mvoe is not possible to roll on a crafted or dropped weapon and is only available on named items.


no you cant roll with it, also OP is a rat for reporting this. teachers pet type shit


My question about the second video is, whats the bug? it says in the tree for claw that you can cancel it with anything so isnt that just a result of it? The video just looks like AA-claw-AA

This doesn’t seem like a bug, and regardless if it is they should leave it in the game. BB is horrible atm in most aspects the only thing keeping it useable at all is the refreshing move perk allowing for very short cooldowns (which the weapon needs as its actual weapon damage is a joke).

This didn’t age well.

So, I’m sorry 5th grade scarred you so much. Don’t you think it’s time to let go of it by now?

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I think it’s really good and they can keep it like that, you are hitting 6 pellet not only 1 shot. It is what Blessed perk for Life staff bis on blunderbuss and I think its fine.

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