Blunderbuss balance HELLO

Okay, I haven’t really been playing over the last month, but I’m shocked to see this weapon still hasn’t been balanced.

Have the Devs given up on this game?


Genuinely have no idea what “balance” means, and do nothing fast. It’s been over 3 weeks with a know Grav Well triple proc bug and the just fixed it.

They nerfed healers to the point where a lot are planning on quitting. They never learned the small incremental nerfs, still destroying weapons for months on end

I’ve looked over the PTR patch notes, it doesn’t look like they’re doing anything about it. I guess it’s the Devs favourite weapon at the moment, same situation happened with the GA and VG. I know balance in MMO is never easy, but some of them must play their own game, surely?

I would be surprised if more than 5 people actually played the game in serious way. The type of changes they make and the length of time they take to make player friendly changes just tells me no one really plays their game at the studio.

I have someone on my server getting 30 kills per opr game as SnS BB one shot build. Grav well bug is not that big of a problem as most people that get hit with grav well explosions are other GA players, and its not increasing their kill count that much.

It will be broken and stupidly oneshot anyone even in heavy armor, for the next couple of months.

You can quote me on that.

By the time any str weapon gets touched healers & tanks will have lost all their abilities, be given just the ability to tea pose, and be decorations to be killed.

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