Blunderbuss exploits

Are we working on these Exploits fixes?

The game is fun and good until u hit lv 60 and start playing OPR. no wonder the community is losing memeber left and right.

Cheaters continue to cheat or exploit same thing and the devs just keep there eyes closed, and take it up the rear.

For an amazon game you would think it would be fixed ASAP.

They dont get banned becuase they probably can’t tell its happening to begin with. Exploiters are going to exploit because everyone else is doing it.

Should i exploit to matxch the compitition or just go to another game?

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you were killed by blunderbuss?
what kind of exploit do you mean?
I don’t see any exploits

getting one shot by a blunderbuss isn’t an exploit it is a feature.


Welcome to the New World forum community. If you encounter an exploit please report it using the following thread

I wanted to say it’s a feature, but preempted, oh well lol

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