Blunderbuss fall/jump cancelling Mortar Charge

I do not see why if you jump or fall after loading Mortar Charge it cancels the skill and goes to a cooldown. How does it cancel the load you have on the weapon? Is this intended… or a bug? Its kind of a disadvantage IMO. Does not make any sense… if you load a weapon and jump… how are you unloading the weapon while in mid-air? If the weapon is loaded with bombs, it should stay loaded until all shots are fired… or if you hit a button to cancel (unload).

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I understand how you feel-- it is annoying, but it doesn’t feel like a bug-- it’s more like the Musket Shooter’s Stance; once the ability is engaged, if finished or interrupted by an ability such as knockback, it is immediately deactivated and cooldown begins.

In the case of Shooter’s Stance, I completely understand it, but I am with you on Mortar Charge-- would be nice if we can keep our mortar charges even if knocked back/down or fall off since with this ability, you can actually move around and if spec’d fully into Mortar Charge, a. you gain Movement Speed and b. you gain an extra charge.

This is the reason I don’t use this ability at all. Everything cancels it and you just wasted a ton of time on load animations for nothing.

I can understand if you have to actually jump over something, but a piece of flint really shouldnt cancel any abilities.

I agree with you, but the real travesty here is that you’re using mortar charge.

Jk btw it’s a very fun skill. Pure stat padding skill though.

They’re to busy nerfing the weapon to fix any of the bugs with it.

It’s a really fun skill that is satisfying to use, until a butterfly in Cambodia, lands on a poppy, and it cancels the skill.

I don’t use it for reasons given above.

@Fireballministry Thank you for sharing your experience regarding Mortar Charge for the Blunderbuss. For any bugs/exploits you may be experiencing please report this on the official forums here: [Megathread] New World Update 1.4.2 Bug Reporting Make sure to check if anyone has also experienced the same issue and may have found a possible solution!

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