Blunderbuss - Grit?

No it wont, unless is has melee attacks the 300str perk won’t work on it

Neither will any str perks other than 200 and 250, then. Kind of doubting this stays as is.

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How disappointing. I thought it’d be dex/str, or maybe even str/dex, but str/int makes zero sense. Why are mages getting more options when they already have plenty and are basically guaranteed to have a claim to every magical item that comes down the pipeline? What possible weapons are dex users actually going to get access to if they aren’t even guaranteed to be the subclass on physical ranged weapons? They just going to randomly toss dex onto the two-handed sword or some shit?

It being strength either main or secondary makes sense, because of what the weapon is and because strength needs better access to some range options, but I just do not get the int sublcass at all. Aesthetically the blunderbuss makes sense to pair with all the strength weapons and all the dex weapons, but now any blunderbuss/dex pairing is going to be outright trolling. No synergy at all.

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Dex is already on swords so yeah probably

LONG sword most likely will be a STR primary DEX secondary…or con.

when knives and pistols come out those will most likely be the DEX primary weapons.

99% sure Pistol will be DEX INT again for no reason.

i get it. you need to be “smart” to point shooty stick

but the blunderbuss is a frickin shotgun.

all of this would of made sense if this was a legit old timey muzzle loaded weapon that actualy did require enough knowledge and training to use but no all the weapons are magical boltaction weapons.

Why would dex own physical ranged weapons? They have melee weapons as well.

Str/Int makes sense because that combination isn’t in the game yet. They’re trying to diversify builds not pigeonhole everyone who wants to play a certain way into specific attributes.

As far as the jealousy about int - there are 3 main stat int weapons currenty in the game and 2 off stat. There are 4 main stat dex weapons in the game and 2 off stat. So an int weapon makes more sense than dex as far as available options go.

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Seeing the way that the pirates in the game spin those pistols around, it should be dex based, not str

Daggers is a fair point. I forgot about those.

But yeah, the blunderbuss having str as primary or secondary I 100% agree with for every reason you can. Fits aesthetically and fits the needs of the game. I just don’t understand why you’d have it be int instead of dex as the counterpart to str on the weapon. Int already has meaningful options, and they have guaranteed claim to so many future weapons, and they can more easily than the other stat classes modify any weapon through a gem. Then there’s the fact that people who want to play with guns probably already are, just like people who are the most hyped about a two-handed sword are probably already playing with two-handed weapons. It’s one thing to not have it as a dex primary but with str/int you actually cannot pair it with any of the dex weapons without suffering a huge anti-synergy.

id say you are correct except in general

DEX is already pigeonholed into only single target DPS.

with the exception being damage farming with bow poison and rain of arrows.

we really could of used some group damage even if its with a dex off stat.

Yes dex needs lots of help - but not by switching the new weapon to dex and calling it a day. My point was dex has weapons - they just suck and need buffs.

Meanwhile, I can’t even think of what a great sword could have as abilities because GA/WH already does its job perfectly.

Because it fits the attribute class aesthetically. Again, strength as a primary sure, but int makes zero sense as a secondary.

This would be a more compelling argument if the game were never going to see another weapon again, but weapons should be designed based on what makes sense for the weapon first and foremost, and not have a stat forced just because it ticks some box of numerical balance of options. Int weapons have an advantage with the elemental gems that neither strength nor dex has access to (I know they can literally use them but a mage converting their off-hand into the same damage type as their primary makes it more usable than a musket converting a pure strength weapon with an elemental gem). The game doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical at all times with every single thing.

Except they’re excluding the people who are probably the most hyped about the weapon from folding it into their current build/playstyle. Like, it makes a hundred times more sense to “exclude” mages from the blunderbuss rather than excluding the people currently playing bow and musket. If I wanted to play a mage build I’d be playing a mage build, and if I were a mage I’d be equally annoyed at the future lightning rod being dex/str just because at that moment in time the game had more int weapons.

most likely whatever the dynasty commander mobs will do.

SLAM, slashes and stuff.

No it will probably be like void gauntlet where it doesn’t scale well with a full stat increase but require a split to get the most damage.

So this all matters because you were excited for the blunderbuss, even though it’s more or less been confirmed as str/int since January? You just really think the aesthetic fits dex so therefore dex is right?

They already said they wanted to expand options and that this would pair with staves back in January.

Also - Nothing about a giant shotgun screams dex. That’s just another range = dex argument.

P.S. The skills have been leaked since 2021 and there is an azoth shrapnel blast and flame attack on the weapon. It likely has more of an int aesthetic than you know.

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I would have the exact same opinion in a situation where dex is on a weapon it doesn’t make sense on. My logic exists irrespective of my personal feelings. In this case I also happen to be personally disappointed, and technically that disappointment is there because it made and makes sense that the blunderbuss would have dex as at least its secondary. But I’m even more hyped about a future lightning rod and would be making the same arguments if it had dex/str scaling for some ungodly reason. I wouldn’t support that kind of absurdity just because I would be able to fold it easily into my build and that makes life easier for me personally.

Yes. The weapon makes far more sense to have a dex secondary than int secondary. That should be the dominant driving factor behind the attribute classifications. Weapons should scale with attributes that make sense for them, not what attributes the game happens to “need” them to scale with. If a certain niche is lacking then find a weapon that makes sense to be able to fill that niche with.

Ranged, no. Ranged physical? Absolutely. Every last thing in that classification should be dex primary or secondary. A shotgun doesn’t scream dex but it absolutely looks at it with furtive glances. What nothing about it screams is int.

Ok well AGS specifically said they were doing this to fill a gap months ago. Your opinion on whether or not the aesthetic fits is your own and I disagree with it based on the abilities that were leaked. There is an attack based on Azoth that suggests this wont be a typical shotgun. There hasn’t been much to go on here so you’re just kind of assuming it is a generic shotgun type weapon.

You can still use it - you just may have to build around it instead of having it dropped into your build in complete contradiction of what AGS said they were doing.

Dunno going based off the bow and musket

the dex concept is that it is the part used to aim.

STR being used to take the recoil

INT being about reloading and the mechanics of the machine.

Ok well what about a blunderbuss requires aim? it’s a lower accuracy shotgun

Or it suggests it’s using azoth to power an explosive projectile. Perfectly par for course with physical ranged weapons in fantasy games.

There are very few combinations that work with extreme anti-synergies, and I only say “few” because I don’t want to say none and have someone pipe up with some niche BS. Int has the best ability to manage that, but neither strength nor dex do. Having to fully and utterly change my build (literally every stitch of gear) as a current musketeer to accommodate the new gun is silly. Again, this would be literally the same thing as a current mage needing an entirely new set to accommodate a lightning rod, or a current great axe user needing to do the same to wield a two-handed sword.

What they’re doing is silly. I’m perfectly fine with them contradicting it. That is literally how changes work.

Still requires aim.

as long as the gun has an arrow saying enemies this way not much.

im pointing out just the basic design philosophy based on context clues my dude.

Well agree to disagree. You want the weapon to be dex based on being a physical ranged weapon and it is not because AGS decided to do otherwise from the start.

Pistols should be dex int as well then. I like the idea and all guns have secondary int.

Guns = secondary int. That pattern is just as common as Ranged physical = dex now.