Blunderbuss still one shotting people. AGS you should do something

Hopefully you guys didn’t forget, but We’re still getting one shot in OPR and Wars with this stupid Blunderbuss / Sword&Shield meta. What’s going on? Is there any news I missed about this weapon being adjusted. To me, it seems like all they need to do is go to the code where it’s hardcoded the damage values and just adjust them so we’re not going 100-0 from meta chasers. This is ridiculous, in my opinion. Similarly to how gravity well was recently nerfed, but it took forever for this change to happen… There is no logic change that needs to happen in the code (other than fixing the bug). Those values they changed for the damage insatiable gravity well does should be hardcoded somewhere, inside a separate config file, or inside a database.

My main suggestion is that these balance updates need to happen more regularly on a week by week basic. We shouldn’t be tormented for weeks with a one shot combo that can easily be adjusted by the devs.

There are only two choices. One is that it can easily be adjusted and the other option the code is very convoluted. Hopefully it’s the first.

It is totally possible I missed something in the PTR update that could be helping this issue. If so let me know.

You haven’t missed anything. They are scrambling, released a “fix” for both targeted healing and grav well triple proc. Only to realize a few hours after the fix that neither is actually working as intended. Taking months to implement either fix

You didn’t miss anything.

We will have to deal with blunderbuilds for the next couple months IF THEY DECIDE TO CORRECT IT.

Thats a big IF. Look how long it took them to even try to balance VG after putting it into the game in a broken state.

Once they decide to fix it (or if) there will be a 1 month or more developing period, followed by a month of PTR showcasing the change that they will not adjust before deploying to live.

PTR is not a testing venue, its a next patch showcase demo. It’s incredibly rare that anything changes from that to live, but if it did, you can tack an extra month of developing time on there.

Also, that We part is up in the air. I’m going to give this patch a day of testing and probably quit the game for a while until they figure out what the actual problem with the combat is and address it instead of adding layers and layers of bandaids to a mortal wound.

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