Blunderbuss vs 200 con medium 5x resil melee in war

Ye its dmg is stupid.

Ahhhh… I remember when people were posting, “anyone else feel like blunderbuss is weak?”


TBF, that’s how a medium should get hit by a light. Everyone saying light needs a buff but look at all these videos that are being posted about nerfing weapons? Every video ever is a light user doing insane damage, then you turn around and see, “light armor needs a buff, I get one shot.” Maybe it’s cuz you one shot other people dummy.


well, you cant say that a new weapon comes out and you can disreguard everything said before hand, obbiously the new weapon is overtuned in dmg lol

Looks like the PvP guys are about to start in on Blunderbuss. I might need to stop putting resources into the build until I see if it comes out of this still usable or turned into a new fire staff.

200 cons med? doesnt seem like it, so squishy

this was all backstab dmg. including rend from the blast shot. → also the bb user have 150 INT (Elemental dmg. is higher than phys dmg.), so maybe 300 STR, 150INT 50 CON LA Glasscanon build.


Ding ding ding! Lol. No way he’s JUST 300 str. I was going to work my way to that exact build once I got 600 expertise. Maybe I’ll hold off. 300 str does decent damage and I ran 150 int 300 str in an OPR with a 560 GS BB and was doing fair damage.

I looked into the future as a 625 BB Light user and I thought… Fuck grav well. Lmao.


You have no idea what the other person was running though.


I had same SnS and BB oneshots even people in heavy xd

Why you post minecraft videos here ?


Ehhhh wtf am I missing something here? Does he use some software to downgrade the graphics or what am I looking at? It looks like on fucking mobile, never saw the game looking like this garbage. At least he maintains the FPS when he plays like this LUL

funny to complain about a OP weapon when you are using some grafic shit to get advantage of others.

You deserve more than just 1 blunderbuss kill if you continue using that options to get advantage of others!


His settings doesn’t make the point any lesser. The point is a shield bash into IK with 13500 HP. You remember people complaining about ice spike dmg? This is much worse and you can’t miss it unlike spike which was even blockable.

They will nerf it just like spike, 1 ability simply can’t this much dmg.

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It’s that action combat RuneScape I’ve always wanted loooo

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Any idea how he does it? Is this even legal? LUL

I dont know if you play are evolved survival it’s very common there.

In ArK people edit some grafic datas to get this result. They call it “ini”. How it works in New world I don’t know.

I found out how, its even allowed. LUL

those graphics settings are allowed according to devs. most war players use it as it helps you get an extra 20-25 fps in wars. muskets use it everywhere cuz it removes foliage and useless visuals