Blunderbuss vs 200 con medium 5x resil melee in war

Graphics resolution on that battle is horrible! Gotta play with the game looking super pretty, mate! :slight_smile:

yes this is a nvidia setting that is allowed by devs. removes all the useless stuff and gives you 20 or so more fps in wars. most war players use this

war players use this for way more fps. performance over graphics all day. youre just not a competitive gamer

I already found out by myself, thanks

so you’re using 5x resilience (+10% 150 con ) against a weapon with 1.1 crit multiplier and complaining about the damage? maybe swap your gems for piercing damage with some physical aversion if some glass canon is bothering you


That’s a fair point. I truly enjoy playing this game, at full graphics, so I can enjoy every step :slight_smile:

If the game didn’t have such a low tick rate to the server I could see trying to milk a few more fps with some ugly crap like that, but this isn’t CS:GO by a long shot and if you think you need to do that to be a competitive gamer, you’re bad at games and have a potato rig and you probably crutch musket rapier.

Im running on a very old 4790k and a gtx 2070 and I get plenty of fps to play in wars. It doesn’t help lag and desync and being rooted to have a few more fps while your game looks like trash.


I don’t believe it has anything to do with fps and is really about removing as much as they can in the field of view to deny players places to hide. It’s a cheap move.

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Exactly and calling himself competitive with that cheap trick

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terrible gamers always looking for an excuse to complain. devs said this was allowed. and it does increase fps by 15-25 easily

He’s 300str 150int. Looks like same guy from a video posted earlier. He runs 50con.

He would vanish if someone even looks at him weird.

What is the root coming from?

There is no root, stun and knock down 4 shots and u are dead. This will be nerfed soon so have fun till u can xd Btw it only works 1v1.

Nothing to nerf here. You can do even more combo damage with SnS Hammer but it takes a bit longer to chain.

This isn’t going to be nerfed lol, lots of weapons can do this type of thing.

When a medium Melee 300 200 deletes a light glass cannon build nobody complains, when a glass cannon build deletes a medium melee everybody loses their shit. imagine having 200 con and still deleting players.

Such as?

Well it’s what a glass cannon supposed to be ? Deal shit tons of damage but hard punished when missplayed.

Problem is that in this game the punishment for light players mistake isn’t hard enough.

No joke i’m main tank so i play heavy. Recently did a light dext build. I die way less since when someone tries to reach me i can do 4 roll and get 50m away. 2sec later all my stam is back. Bro wrf is with stamina regen in this game

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Haha how dare you?
This will not get nerfed coz it’s STR and requires no aiming or calculation.

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I’ll need a link to ‘allowed by devs’: it’s not an Nvidia setting, it’s a third party plugin for Nvidia cards and I thought they said no to those.