Blunderbuss vs 200 con medium 5x resil melee in war

What settings is that?

Stun instantly into a knockdown, should be able to do a breakout roll right? Just most people prob stop playing once CC’d lol. Think on the Vid of this build I seen one player use the breakout roll.

Grappling hook

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You can use a trick question to get the response you want. No developer is going to tell you that you cannot optimize your graphics card to play the game better. But using software to render the game below min intended settings can still fall under the fair play and advantage rules.

what? how did I ask a trick question?

you asked for confirmation that this was allowed by the devs?

well yeah, it’s a third party program only available to Nvidia GPU users. It’d be a huge advantage to me to use it, but it’s not available to everyone so I don’t.

Tbc here, the 3rd party app only gives you a nice simple to use GUI, these settings can be manually changed on both nvidia and amd cards if you know how to edit the drivers.
It’s got a downside too, if you watch the videos on these, it doesn’t render gravity wells at all :yum:

I love watching these battle block videos in hd remastered mode.

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As someone who rarely plays light armor, I have felt the same thing before.

I was messing around with my medium bruiser with some buddies in pvp and we decided to go fairly naked for luls. Just removing my heavy chest takes me to “light armor” range and I was unkillable compared to how it was with way more armor and 26 more con. The rolls are sooooo far compared to medium dodges that it’s a joke and I didn’t even have a 4th one.

Approaching people to get in attacks was insanely easy as well since I could just run at them, roll once and I’m bumping their chest already.

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That kind of PC or Video Setting shouldn t be allowed in Mmorpg in 2022 !

Everyone should have the same or so video setting !

Stop the FPS War between PC and let s fight with our real refelexes and human skills !

Right not really the point. It more along the lines doing something that was not intended that can give an advantage.

With Archeage a lot of stuff was done client side. You could bypass intended blockades simply by not rendering certain things. You had people not rendering water allowing them to run on the sea floor for example.

yeah try rapier bow in light and maybe you make a kill in 5 to 10 min .

No sympathy based on your graphics settings. You get the game you deserve.

Bow is like the redheaded stepchild with all the resilience in the game, 35% crit reduction on most everybody plus crit damage being additive rather than multiplicative and the bow is based on critical damage due to Dex and it’s tree. We all know it needs a buff. All they have to do is up the crit multiplier on bows from 1.3, which is trash, to 1.5 and the weapon is fixed. Rapier, hatchet and spear have a 1.4 multiplier while other weapons have 1.3.

Rapier is defensive according to AGS due to the offensive tree being neglected. Problem is it has a lot of defensive utility so if you JUST buff it’s offense to usable, people will mix in the defense and it’ll be, “OP.” You can’t name the two weakest weapons regardless of equip load and make it a valid argument that light needs buffed still. Those are AGS weapon balance problems, not equip load problems.

With all the resilience in the game PvP wise, you might be better off going enchanted, flame attunement and keenly empowered, 300 Dex, 150 int and 50 con.

Rapier scales off Intel a bit so you could riposte tondo, dodge attack tondo, dodge flourish and finish then evade shot. 100 int crit damage, 150 int elemental damage increase for F and F then flame attunement, enchanted for higher base damage.

I just think the way they figure crit damage now is utterly terrible.

The light set that maximizes weapon damage for this burst, as extreme mobility favors damage with good defense through dodge. This game looks like a Korean mmorpg.
For me, a light set should only increase the distance traveled by the dodge and not increase its frequency.

It doesn’t increase frequency, its 50 stamina just like heavy. Only medium has increased frequency.

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