Boarholm why did you not fix it in beta if its an exploit that was well known

This area was used in beta to level.

You knew about the fast leveling here as it was reported during beta.

You left it in for launch and now claim that … sorry this is just funny “Repeatedly chain killing mobs” is an exploit… That is probably the dumbest thing I have read in a long time.

If anyone has account action taken because of this contact the BBB about your ban and they will contact amazon for you. The BBB will most likely get you unbanned as amazon will not want their rating destroyed for bad business practices.

Oh and next time if you ever make another game… during beta testing… if you notice people abusing an area to level… fix it before launch… its… common sense… duh

Oh and yes

What I am saying is a real thing you can do its just most children have no idea that companies even game developers can’t simply do anything they want as we live in a society with laws that govern business practices.

The BBB has helped overturn numerous unjust account bans from multiple developers in numerous games. They contact the developer about the issue and mediate the process. Most companies do not want their rating destroyed so they are more compliant and willing to work with you.


I’m sorry but am I reading this correctly? A company who have made an mmorpg are claiming somewhere that aoe grinding in 1 spot is somehow an exploit and actionable?

I don’t think I have heard anything so crazy in quite a while. I had heard about certain players with no previous experience trying to claim this but surely the devs should know better. Grinding like this is standard in mmorpg play ever since they started.


yup and I posted the same. People getting flustered over it and reporting people for doing it. Excuse me? This is how MANY of us leveled in any other MMORPG we’ve played. You set up a camp, sit and grind and enjoy yourselves. If people cant bring themselves to message me because there is a quest mob? Thats on them, otherwise, move along and let us enjoy ourselves.

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Everyone with a common sense knows that 1s respawn in Boarsholm (or other 2-3 places) isn’t intended. U knew what you were doing, don’t make excuses.


Well, they have announced, that they will take further actions against accounts who abused such mechanics, at Reekwater - So what makes you think, they wont do the same to Boarholm exploiters? -

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they have announced misinformation. Sitting and grinding isnt an exploit, they had all of Beta to sort these things out. Ill do what I enjoy, you do what you enjoy. Non negotiable, I mean either accept the way some of us have played for 20+ years or move along.


You may just have lost a bunch of players right there.

Repeatedly kill the same boss over and over for a prized item or aoe grinding in a spot for xp and items is standard behaviour in mmorpg’s in the 20 years I have been playing them.

How you can be threatening players for normal behaviour is beyond my understanding.

Yes fix the spawn rates, that is an obvious action. Taking actions against accounts is against all logic.

Realising that was a repost of an admin post not you, my bad, but my points still stand.


My post in a thread I made earlier. This is non negotiable, my play time isnt going to be dictated by those who cannot accept this.

This is supposed to be an open world/sandbox experience right? I have yet to find a place I can sit with friends and “camp” An MMO includes those of us who play that way. In light of this, im going to be spending my time sitting in an area where mobs respawn quickly, with my friends and Grind. Dont like it? Tough. I play my way and the way I get enjoyment. Im done running multiple KM’s each way. Ill sit in a high density fast respawning area. Complain all you want, if you cant be bothered to send me a message to ask if you can jump in so we dont steal any potential quest mobs, thats on you. Wanna report me for it? go nuts, its not bannable and in an open world MMO/Sandbox there is nothing that CAN be complained about in relation to this. GG HF

I could care less about leather? or mats? you want them, come harvest, I want xp I dont have to run my rear off to obtain.

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Grinding mobs is ok, exploiting bugged spawn rates and grinding these mobs isn’t.


Actually it is bannable since its exploiting … Boarsholm or instarespawning bosses aren’t “high density fast respawn” zones, its clearly a bug and you chose to exploit it.


its not, try again. If I can do it in elite areas, why cant I do it with my friends alone?

Amazon literally said its exploiting :smiley:

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So what do you expect players to do? Check with admin on every grind spot to ask if it is working as intended and may they please play the game they way they are used to in that area? Don’t be silly. As have said multiple times yes the spawn timers need attention. Don’t blame the players, just fix it.


Elite areas aren’t instarespawning.

um, its literally a 30 second spawn in deadmans … close enough.


GG Enjoy your punishement - I am out - No reason for wasting my time here.

they also said you can transfer between regions

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lol our punishment, move along troll. Like I said, the way I xp is up to me in an MMO. I obviously wont hamper anyone elses gameplay but if running around taking photos gets you off while playing thats on you. My gaming experience is up to me, non negotiable.

[quote=“Cryoes, post:1, topic:368073”]
BBB about your ban and they will contact amazon for you. The BBB will most likely get you unbanned as amazon will not want their rating destroyed [/quote]

I loled. Ty for the smile :slight_smile:

You’re confusing your perception of things and reality. you;re also confusing…no, just confusing. the LINK you provide says “Dudes, it’;s covered, read the EA tos”

NO ONE cares what the BBB says about them any more.

The BBB was a power in the 70s…it’s a token, paid service now, that bilks ignorant people who still own business, that are over 60 and grew up with the BBB as a force of consumer justice

Still, ignorance is bliss, and you did make me chuckle :slight_smile:


What do I expect? Dunno man, being a decent player with common sense and report a clear bug instead of exploiting it? I did that just like many others (you can check bug/exploit section).

You are exactly that type of player who would farm instarespawning metal instead od reporting it …